August! I Think it’s the most month of the year that I’ll attend weddings on, who doesn’t love weddings!?

Weddings means celebrating life, your hair and face with good damn products, and body with most flattering dress that will give you the most flattering silhouette on that day…A wedding is: Number one! A Dress,  number two! the fun that can be made on the dance floor, number 3! The pain on the next morning from that dance. number 4! The romantic moments that leaves you at the end of the wedding wanna get married.  yea it’s a whole operation I love with all of the stress that come with it, so we will talk about the glamor stuff here, and leave the hard ones, I’m kidding okay let’s begin with the goodies first:

Searching for the Perfect Dress

Neuuuu not that glamour, but fun, okay in my case now, and because I have a hundred wed on this month and I can’t find one perfect dress that can satisfy my needs, and my needs is bitch one once it became whole human being with my mind against myself, so no not fun, You see, I love shopping for wed dresses, but, in the middle east, we can’t be satisfied with simple wool dresses for attending a wedding, you can wear wool dresses to a good outings perhaps or if you’re attending a wedding you don’t know the bride or the groom on it #happensalot, but not to your best friend’s weds. bottom line —Weddings means Couture—

Couture could be simple, but why my needs go for simple if I’m watching Oscar de la Renta and Elie Saab’s shows months ago to be inspired!? so Glamorous vs. Simple vs. extravaganza,  Glamour wins here, I don’t fucking care.

I figured out something, that every woman in weds wants to be:

1-Simple… First.    2-Classy but sexy… okayyy.   3-A dress and A shoes she can move in, not that hard eh.

First, simple is a transition word. I can say that “this is” simple but you find me insane for that, and not in million year you would wear it even if I paid you, and vice versa.

Classy and sexy is good together, but hard to find, as frequently as, say cheese with chocolate chips cookies. #dependshowsexy?

Still how you can find all of that combined in one dress? and what to do if you couldn’t find it?

Make it. if you can’t find the dress you want just make it, go to the best tailor in your town and make what you want, it’s more fun by the way, cause i’m in this situation now for the first time, and just searching for the fabrics is a breathtaking process, you can edit and make your little details into the dress, dare I even say you can combine the three elements above in that dress, its made for you by you!

Don’t be stressed, just take a deep breath, do and buy what you want the most, search and search and search, but search with fun, and follow your instinct, after all, it’s just a dress.

So What weddings means to you, and Is the dress a big issue for you?! Now Chill, you’re cool, you don’t need a dress anyway, we got this:

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