Weleda Skin food moisturizer review

Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer

Literally, food for your skin

Into The Gloss announced the rich moisturizer as a natural La Mer on 2015, and it was on top 25 2018 products this year. Adele, Julia Roberts, Victoria BeckhamPandora Sykes, and Katie Jane Hughes use it regularly on body and skin. Katie Jane Hughes is slathering the cream before bed and as a makeup preparation for that glow that you’ve always dreamed of. Aside from her expert in perfecting the art of drawing eyebrows more real than what I naturally have. She introduced me to this moisturizer. People say it’s the best thing happened in 2018. And from my view, it is the holy grail of glowy healthy from within the skin.

Since the cream is thick and initially made for dry skin. Some say that it clogs the pores of combination skin, but I haven’t had any issues with my combination skin. I use it under my makeup for a healthy glow. I’m also using Katie’s rule in how to use it, what I like to call, from outside, in. By warm it up between my fingers, rubbing it on the outside areas of the face and the high points (forehead and cheeks, where I get drier) and the little amount left on the T-zone area for better results.Really massage it in and give my skin some time to absorb it.

Now if I’ll put concealer under my eye and around my lips and nose; it will look good because I didn’t put much of skin food on these areas which if I did, it will look dewier and will loosen the concealer consistency and make it lighter on the skin. Katie tried two types of coverage (light and full) over Skin Food that you can find in her highlights which shows what I’m trying to explain here.

I also put it on my little brother’s patched areas (knees and elbows). And he feels like it’s magic because he goes from dry to too soft in no time. Plus Weleda’s green package pops up on my shelf like watch out I have a glowing gang now. Uh and the smelll!!! Omg, the smell of nature, like you just entered a flowers field.

Weleda Skin food moisturizer review
Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer
In a Nut Shell
Weleda has this healthy holographic sheen that looks so natural on skin. It's a moisturizer but once you put it on your skin, you'll find yourself tilting you head so many times in front of the mirror to witness this glow.
Healthy Sheen
Rating2 Votes
100% Natural
Moisturize, perfect for winter
Can be used under makeup and on top of it as a highlighter
It's a rich cream so you might prefer to use it only at night
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Healthy Sheen
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