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What I Want to Wear At The Moment

Every time you wear something, you want to 1/ feel as good as it can be in this outfit. 2/people get you as you want to be translated. and those two facts has the ability of shaking you to the core and be a super hero if you’ve done it right, right to yourself.

In a recent post I did about my curly hair, I was so focusing about my hair that after publish it all I thought of is ” This outfit is missing something everything!”

The tucked-in tee, cropped jeans with pointy flats all combined with the huge curly hair didn’t justify my case, which was I’m happily enjoying my new hair technique that I just discovered and this hair could truly speak my identity! And it really did but I didn’t feel that for the clothes.

My head was streaming like oh oh, I would’ve added this and wore that instead of this… OHH if only I’ve this in the right color or add a little DIY to this to become more appropriate with summer feeling… the brainstorming was boiling me that I wanted to change in something that I don’t even have in my closet, I mean what to do about this matter ha? what to do when you can imagine yourself in something that you don’t have and know that you won’t in the near future ?

You can imagine it. Then you can simply draw it on yourself.

I draw what I want to be in at this exact moment, in fact at most days of this summer! I don’t know where’s this coming from, is it from the urge of wanting to feel summer so bad, or from a Chanel cruise show on Cuba just because it was in Cuba, or is it because I always imagine myself relaxing at the Italian Riviera and this thought was popping in the last two days more than the normal rate…what

I looked sad at the right image and I felt the need to transform it! I’ve put myself on what I want to be seen in at the moment, and if what I want is not what I have right now, there’s no force that could not let imagine that, ohh the imagination…

I imagined the possible little scratches that could transform such a look, I started illustrating something I’d wear and another designed freshly on paper but in the same spirit of it all #DreamingOfDIYNowMoreThanEver, What I’ve reached at the end of the route was something like that:

A head-piece that I want to make this summer and it’s a pompom headband!!!! A pompom band on the crown of your head cause you must celebrate your head all the time and this time by leaving your hair freely and wearing a tiara of pompoms! Do you want more to feel summer!

A black look-like Roksanda top with structured bell sleeves bigger than anything cause when “I wear my heart on my sleeves” could’ve been taken as a joke, those sleeves will make you believe that I am, and approach me to introduce yourself! Don’t be afraid I won’t turn you down.

In fact we all will have a party on my terrace and I’ll make the PiñaColada because we need that refreshment on the day and that will wake us up on the hot summer days more than coffee, Trust me.

On the other hand I’m keeping the same tropical spirit by holding a Sarah’s bag that has a three cocktails on it for backups! #ThisPartyWillRockTillMidNight.

I made the cropped skinny jeans into a flared pair that gives me a movement every time I take a step, in our case, every time I dance!

Last but definitely not least I transformed the pointy suede flats to a pompom slippers! This was by far the most remarkable touch I give myself credit for, Adding a minimal black thread as an anklet because that’s what I normally do!

After all, Everything you can imagine is Real, Right?

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