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What Is the Best Lipgloss You Have Ever Used?

Seriously serious about this

Consider it your source for the best lipgloss any woman has ever tried in her life, including your own review on the subject, of course.

If I can remember my favorite lipgloss ever, I mean the only one I ever finished, repurchased and stocked, was that juicy, sticky, super shiny pinkish-nude with subtle shimmer Bourjois Effet 3D Max 61 shade. It has an unusual thin plastic applicator and a sexy looking tube. It left my lips looking bouncy and made other girls ask about the specific shade and wants to try. I wore it incessantly.

It was my signature from 2005-2014. And when GG came on 2007, I felt like we understood the same code somehow. That we can tolerate stickiness of the lipgloss because nothing compared to this glistening. Uh, god only knows how much of that product I consumed. I lent it generously to my friends because it looked different on each one of us, so we never looked like a pouted army with the same lipgloss stepping into a café. Even though it wasn’t a clear lipgloss, it plumped the lips and embraced the true shades of it. Despite the fact that I’m joined the maroon velvet lipstick move right now, I like to get back to lipgloss every now and then because for me it represented so many memories that got lost in my brain and only a swipe of it can recall it all. And till this day, I’ll take glistening lips over the new matte gloss version any time.

Now to you.

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