What To Do When You’ve Got Nothing To Do In Cairo?

As I was spending the 3 days of Eid doing nothing and actually loving it, at a certain level, you probably could start to freak out, feel like your 3 days were not fulfilled, everyone already traveled and came back with a sun kissed skin, so you basically either could live with that, or have a trip on the forth day that still have the same aroma of vacation because if you entered the 3 days vacation loop here, we extended it to a full week! That’s why I decided to go to AlexandriaaAAAAAAH!

A little Wiki lesson, Alexandria is a mediterranean port city that was found by Alexander the great, back in the days, Alexandria was the second most powerful city of the ancient world after Rome, nevertheless Alexander appointed Dinocrates as director of the urban-planning work for the city, so no wonder everywhere you turn you’ll find rich magnetizing architecture and natural air ducts and alleys between streets that slap you in the face directly down from the sea.

I wanted to be away from everything familiar, I didn’t want to go to the normal beaches and lay down with everyone’s eyes on you and read a book and eventually get burned skin, I never went to Alexandria as a grown self and wandered the city, for that I packed my shoulder bag, my sister, train tickets and started the adventure.

I’ve never travelled with a train before. Here, If you’ve a car you never think of trains to travel with (which is a complete absurd thinking), but since I don’t know the road and got one day to see the city before getting back to werk, It was the most easy solution for me. Plus I’m saving the road trip idea for another town/time. I was amused by the train stations and couldn’t believe why the hell I never was in one before!Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.06

I packed lightly, all I needed was my camera, a book for the road, headphones, snacks oh yes, flip-flops to wandering the beaches with and a tee to freshen up on the second half of the day. I wore my statement tee with a super loose on crotch but skinner on legs beige light pants with my red Birks to serve comfort all day long.

When I got there I was lost in the city, picturing everything and anything, it was all new for me, new people, blue sky, and fresh air.Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.05

I walked the open streets then I went to the public beaches, the image of the beach speaks itself, what you’ll get there is inevitable at summer time— people from all over Egypt are having fun, looks pretty much like an old postcard but that’s the real deal there.

I wasn’t very oriented at the first minutes sitting there, I felt out of place, after 10 minutes or so, I forgot myself and just watched in marvelousness. After couple of hours, I felt one with the place, I was running all over the place getting shots of the selling guys over the beach and the camera man*. I got a shot of the friska** boy without talking to him (the mustard tee boy), after a minute I saw his brother selling another kind of friska (the sugar coated apples) and shouted at him to take his photo. Both were to die for, I’m still looking at them.

Nevertheless I ate the most delicious shrimp EVER, it was so fresh like I was picking it up directly from the water, I don’t think I’ll taste anything like it ever again. Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.07.24 AM

I had fun in all the stages I’ve had on my holiday. And as an experience, I surely will do it again. YeaaaAS!! Don’t forget to dip your toes in the sand for maximum pleasure.

Ps: I want the blue straw basket on my life as my daily very important exquisite bag. I’ll go again very soon specifically to find one.

*All of the camera men are wearing the same look! They make fine paradoxes on this beach with the european look they have.

**A very light wafer that could be filled with nuts, sesame or honey and you’d eat lots of it without noticing.

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