That’s Why I don’t like November Clothing

The transition season is so hard for me that I lose my appetite to style myself in. November is a challenging month indeed but sometimes I just don’t like hard in the, supposedly, the most normal, easiest thing to do every day. Why it’s not easy? A dress, sandals combo easy for summer, or any layers for winter easy? Simply because it’s 78° at noon, dropping to 60° at night. And maybe that’s FULL Summer for some but not for us in Egypt.

what to wear november

Because seriously if we went on thinking of the whole concept of dressing and being comfortable at the same time at this month it’ll be like this:

Your boots are screaming out of the closet to be worn but if you wear them, you won’t be that comfortable as wearing slides or flats because again, you want that last breath of summer in your feet and between your toes and you won’t miss that chance! So boots I’m sorry your turn will come in a month or so, but the meantime, don’t be a windbreaker.

You wanna wear your uncomfortable but sexy leather or velvet pants, but again why to feel the suffocation now if you can still wear velvet short skirts or light wide pants that could give you the warm feeling that they promised anyhow!

You wanna wear your jackets! Ahhh my jackets that I sometimes just open the closet to touch and smell and hopping for the day that I’d style them again. but you can’t wear those now, it’s so heavy and if you walk the streets these days with one, people gonna say you either crazy or you wanna wear your winter closet so bad and your sweating like a pig inside them. Although I’m fine with the first opinion, I can’t feel sweat in the comfiest weather in the whole year! Why would I do that to myself!?

what to wear november

So what is the best thing to wear in the best weather in the whole year, the one that doesn’t come twice a year, ok maybe, if you’re lucky, exactly twice?

If I’ll speak for myself, I’d wear something I’ve never worn before. First not only to celebrate the weather but also the opportunity it gives me to style something that will enhance my feeling of it not demolish. Second to feel new. Just like a new slate going towards that new year fully prepared to take all the potentials that It’ll give you, ok, it’s much I’ll stop now.

Well, fuck not! It’s how we should celebrate being alive every day!

what to wear november



A very long striped trousers were one of the main pieces that I put on to consider, but then when I found the —gooses/ flamingos/ call it whatever you want—cardigan, it became a fun challenge to wear them together, and why not? If you imagined from an artistic side where the birds will fly, it’ll land exactly on that pants, right on that pattern and why
wouldn’t they!?

what to wear novemberIt’s the perfect golden rivery land they can find at this time of the year after migrating for so long in the darkness. I glued the two pieces with my plastic jewelry (including the claw clip) and a silk satin off-white top. And yes, you damn right I wore my celebrating slides with it, and that’s how it’s done. Drop mic. To YOURS.


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