What to Wear to Holiday Parties

I Thought About What to Wear to Holiday Parties And My Mind Went Disco Ball

What to Wear to Holiday Parties This time of the year again, ahhh the time that I get full access to be a disco ball whenever, wherever I want. That if I want to!

On this season, you can have/ get invited to the most glamorous parties of the year, even if you just gonna hang with close friends, it’s great to dress up for the day, or the full month—the mood is on the aiiiirrrrr— we deserve that, dress up in sequins, velvet, chiffon, heels and all the uncomfortable materials that makes us happy!

And that, of course, got me in the searching mode of what to wear to holiday parties, what to buy to complete my festive look? How is outer shine gonna affect my inner shine this time, not the other way around?

I was thinking about mini skirts a lot lately, maybe because I just got this great velvet one that I so want to wear with my navy large coat and boats to feel French! I don’t know, but it’ll look really good if I wore that on the party as well, imagine it with me, a mini skirt with a thin sweater inside… too much like a day look ha… oh-oh what about crazy sweater outside! And glitter tights and normal boats, will that look good?

Ok what if I made the skirt the centerpiece, think this one! And pair it with straps sandals and cozy large off-white sweater and bare legs?

But what if I wore a blazer that was a centerpiece, simple mini skirt, tight sweater or simple top and OUT OF WORLD blazer! I feel French just by saying that, that reminds me of the full velvet suits by Admise Paris!

Ok, what about that Zara sequinned suit!?? I can be the disco ball of any party, but do I want that?…

Oh my god isn’t that something…

I also need good boots to go with that. Because seriously, Are we over the Isabel Marant heel, even if the boot came on glitter!?? No, I’m asking you. I also love the plucky heels right now, because obviously, it was not a love from the first sight, I saw it everywhere so I got used to it then it grew on me. I started to like it, then we took it to the big L, the stages are real babe. Same thing happened with high boots, uh my affairs here are not gonna end anytime soon.

What if I wore a silk top with a skirt, and added a cardigan to channel the Prada girl inside me! Oh, that will look good, but then I’ll need a mid-length skirt, like this drapped sequins Zara one! A PERFECT DISCO BALL!!!! SHUT UP IT’S MY SEASON.

Ok, Should I consider dresses because every editorial I see these day has all those kind of dresses tells me yeaS, YA SHOULD!

Ok, I feel like I’m losing control here, I’m not even thinking straight on a specific look on the dresses area. I think I could go with the Mango ankle length one, it looked so elegant on Yasmine at the opening. But is elegant what I want, or sexy! Should I think of those very tight short dresses with long sleeves??? Nah I don’t have the body for it. Next year maybe.

The outerwear! That’s for me like the gifts wrap! The expectations of what’s inside that has to be as good as the out! Hell yea! I like the faux fur Mango coat, it has a hint of Margot Tenenbaum, maybe I just say that on every fur coat, that’s just not right.

Have you considered jumpsuits this season? Because I hate it when it comes to not being particular when dancing and suddenly wanna go peeing, it just takes forever. But what about short jumpsuits, it feels that it could be easier. I think I’ll think about those two from Zara

Ok, one word I like to splurge on shoes the most, I can wear a whole Zara outfit with a Prada pair, it just makes me happy, I can’t tell it any other way! It’s a piece of art, and those are what I need this season, doesn’t it look reall reehhhllyyyyy gooood! It’s so good not to frame.

Oh my god I totally forgot about bags!!! See still doesn’t matter to me, but since I only love unique bag, I’d go with any of this pouches selection.

So now, What do you consider buying this season? What did you get so far? Did you wear it!!! SHOW ME!


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