What's in my summer bag

What’s in My Summer Bag if I Carry Any!?

Some people say that summer is already over. At Egypt, summer officially ends in November. That’s when you feel a slight chill and start thinking about layering. So as for me and this blog, we won’t even think about “Autumn feel” anytime soon.

For that, I started to think about bags nowadays more, I started to know myself bit more, let’s say, if I’m going to the supermarket in the morning or hanging out at night, I won’t need other than what I already wear every day— the mini black bag. But if  I decided to go out at morning—which is something I wanna do now daily to compensate this particular need from living for a whole three months in another country that I only was going out in at night, because believe it or not, nothing will be open at 8 AM—I love to spend my unusual bags on such occasions and take those things which I call the essentials of the essentials of the essentials.

Besides my camera that I’m trying to change because it feels heavy now I made a list of those things because 1/ Why not to share what’s in my bag at 2017!? 2/ It’s always a renewed list so I’m also happy to share yours as well to see what I can add or exclude!

No°1 The Avene Moisturizer

The moisturizer of them all. I love it and freaking out about it more because I can’t find it anywhere locally. I’m afraid to go online and find out that it discontinued. Most of the times, I don’t wear tinted creams, foundations at morning, or anything on my face but this. I like to redo it every 3 hours or so, which makes me feel so refreshed and self-maintained, like a Korean girl or something.

No°2 The Clarins Thing

What I call the refresher. It gives you the feeling of just waking up from your bed that’s covered with the perfect linen or Egyptian cotton sheets, to take a long bath from 5 AM to 7 AM in a bathroom that has a very large window, and that window has a view on a huge garden that you plant lemon, mint, and lilies on. So that lifestyle has an overly natural fragrance on you and your inner self. This is the smell of Eau Dynamisante. I’ve heard about it first at the Garnace site years ago and just purchased last winter, and since then, I feel summer all the time.

No°3  A Card Holder & A Wallet

Real life baby. This is my new everything, I saw it in Mango on this season’s sale and got it just be there when I go out and don’t wanna hold a lot of cash ( I normally hold a lot of cash in Egypt) But it become my everyday wallet, it can hold the right amount of cash that I need on my every day.

No°4 Accessories

I don’t do this thing that much—bagging accessories. But it’s my upgraded version of  “if I wore my favorite bags (all my bags are my favorite now because I’m so picky about it) and had time to put everything I want in it, I’d go the extra mile also with accessories” you see, I forget most of the times to wear accessories. It takes the same time of the clothes wearing!—not thinking—so it’d be great to wear it in the car while driving or while walking or something. A red bandana is a must cause if you decided that it won’t match your outfit, it’ll always match your summer bag.

No°5  The Claws

Well, I know that Stockholm this season made it so in, but I’ve been using it since this post, actually, I should let my head run wild sometimes and not use it that much. It’s not only a trend, it’s a lifestyle that’s hard to change, believe me.

No°6 The Sunglasses

really, who won’t include glasses on her bag, her head, her eyes every day!? but a heart shaped glasses is another thing. Niki Takesh made a cute heart shaped glasses this season, and everyone is wearing it. Why wouldn’t they, one of them is blue tinted lenses with a black frame which is a lot cuter than mine. But I got mine for free, I stole it from a magazine that my little brother was reading, he insisted to have it to just play with it (his ignorance of the trend is so cute, my ignorance of a real simple life is unbearable). I took it from his box and he forgot about it. He caught me in action here and finally agreed to just give it to me. He loves me.

No°7 No Makeup

I don’t even remember the last time that I took make up with me in a bag, especially in summer, I don’t wear any makeup and if I put some concealer, I decide to just make it fade through the day because I was not a huge fan of the look of it in the first place. My only companion here is Rosé, that’s my only touch up during the day if I made any.

If I didn’t run with all of those stuff in my bag, I put it on me before leaving the house anyway, including the headphones, because sometimes I find it smarter —not the same thing as fun— to carry your stuff without anyone notices that you carry an actual object.

However, I prefer fun these days. 


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