ankle party

What’s on your Ankle!?

Gather your head wraps! We’re gonna have a party!

I woke up this morning with bangs in the opposite direction of gravity, so I searched for what could possibly sleeping it and totally forget that I’ve got hair on my head, for that, I used my headband that its print makes my sister go nuts every time she see’s it on my head.

I started to think about all the parties that we started to make ever since Leandra Medine first came up with the “Arm Party” era, and how we always forget about the ankle parties even if the greatest parties ever held on that place before. Yes we’ve had small warm glittery fuzzy gatherings between the boots and cropped jeans at winter, but we eager to party hard at summer on every limb ever created.

For that, I wanted to go full whack this time, I used my headband because, simply, it’s long enough to wrap it around my ankle, it’s cheap, and it has a print that I love to make a party theme about! Little bit like Chinese theme that the other ankle got jealous and started to go normcore!

Cactuses were gathered to witness the greatness of the such details and all had a bliss! It was on point. 

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