when to breakup with a friend

Why Are We Still Friends? Vol. 2

I can’t answer phones right now, today or even that week because there’s something called ‘messages’ that people choose to ignore here! — Was that a little bitch-y!? But what if they don’t call you once, but twice because they thought you didn’t hear the first one!? What if they call for like 5 times a day! When there’s no concern in their head but to hang out, is my bitchiness fair now in that situation?

Elizabeth calls me five times a day, I can’t get the phones because I’m building my brand, or reading a book, or editing photos for the next post, or sharing on social media, or even free doing something more than just hanging out. or being simply busy doing what my future self would thank me for one day. After the five phone calls, I messaged her the next day checking on her, and it went something like this:

Me: Good morning hunnie, wyd?

Elizabeth: Great, fine.

On the next morning…

Elizabeth: Passant good morning — at 7 am

Elizabeth: Passant — at 5 pm

On the next day…

Me: Hey, How are you? — at 9:13 am

Elizabeth: Is there’s something wrong with you? — at 11 am

Me: I’ve just been extremely busy lately — at 4:23 pm

Elizabeth: Ah, ok then, call me when you’re free — at 5:54 pm

On the next day…

Elizabeth: Passant, hi how are you? — at 11:13 am

On the next day…

Elizabeth: I dreamt about you, you were so sad eating burgers on my dream. — at 8:35 am

On the next day…

Me: Hehe, no I’m fine, although I don’t mind burgers now! — at 12:28 pm

Elizabeth: F u why don’t ya answer me!!!! — at 9 pm

On the next day

Elizabeth: I dreamed about you again, and you were sad again! — at  7:45 am

Me: I’m not sad just busy why do you wanna make me sad intentionally, what is that!? — at 8:29 am

Elizabeth: Fine — at 12 pm


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