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Where’s She!?

Do you ever ask yourself where is your favorite model now?

We all have this teenage crush that’s connected with a glorification mindset on one or two (or 10) of the 90’s models and you feel ecstatic when you see them in a new editorial and want more of them, you always want to soak up their coolness, digest their power, recognize their attitude because whatever they do now, it seems like it never enough, so you just always reconcile this relation so you end up flipping the old archives. Maybe that’s why I always find myself attached to them, the constant anticipation? No, that’s not true but it sure adds to the equation.

I’m always asking myself where’s Daria now for crying out loud, the last edit I saw for her was for the pop magazine, I feel a special unbreakable bond with her, don’t laugh but it’s true, I just love to see her, searching for her and lay my eyes on an admiring observation, that’s why I’m following juergentellerpage!

Among the others, of course, Kate, Winona, Lily Cole, Linda and Gemma!

What’s your favorite model girl that you always want to see, keep track on what she’s doing, and makes you feel like this fashion world, is just… a blah so what phase!


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