why do you instagram

Why do you Instagram!?

I’m living with my Instagram everywhere, so continue to read if you do the same.

When I wake up, I look at Instagram, when I eat breakfast, when I take a break which I now call it an Instagram break— which isn’t really a break now, it’s just a series of scrolling your best IG accounts to tell yourself at the end of the 10 minutes WHAAAYYYY!—I look at it before I sleep in fact, I can not sleep without it, it’s either a book or Instagram and I can’t believe it’s winning every time. and in between all of that, I try to post something.

Sometimes I Instagram the food I make to convince you I did it from scratch because I actually did and I’m proud of myself and you should too!

C’mon we’re friends a little support here!

Sometimes I Instagram my writings which are actually could be 1)what I’m feeling at the moment or 2) a hidden message to someone that I resent at the moment, to be like; REVENHHHNGGGGE, oh yea totally won. She/he totally saw it.

Sometimes I only Instagram my photos or selfies (or doing stories of me dancing the shit outta me), actually sometimes I be in a state of mind that I actually promise myself the I won’t post anything but my face because at the moment that this decision has been made, I feel great about myself in one of the photos that’s been taking for me and I feel that I look so beautiful that it’s the real deal ALL the Time, it’s not, you sometimes feel it and you sometimes feel horrible and whether it’s just the hormones or a low self-esteem moment, this beautiful photo will be here for you later to lift you up every time you’re down.

If by now you’re asking yourselves when she’s gonna take about the “only for him” posts, don’t bother because I really don’t think of any so I don’t post anything for anyone that’s not already in my life. Move on. #Where’sTheGoodMenThough… there’s no such a thing. Any comments!?

Sometimes I only post on Instagram because I want to try this new VSCO filter that I just bought and so excited about, and want to feel the people’s reaction to it, it makes the photo look like it’s been taking from a movie, of course, I’ll take an hour editing this shit! I paid for it!!

Sometimes I Instagram my recent illustrations just to tag some magazine and hoping for a like or a feature, is it a sin? It’s business and I’m sliding the rainbow here. Gracefully indeed.

Sometimes I Instagram about my city, Cairo and the beautiful Egypt, and that’s only because I want you to know more about my culture and how we’re sometimes living very similar lives, behind the corruption that’s happening in both worlds.

Sometimes I Instagram about fashion, because, ultimately, it’s what I know I’m best at… damn.

And now, with the whoooole new addition of the story making and what will be on it the next few month, I feel like I’m gonna control the world!! WITH.JUST.THAT. I’m drawing, writing and dancing like a child, then they’ll add the ability to link your stories and live stories into the game! Uhhh, it’s so coool.

What do you Instagram the most, and why do you Instagram?! I mean the real reasons behind each post!? I shared mine you share yours ha.


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