What to Wear When You Can’t See What You Have

When I don’t know what to wear on a day like today and try to achieve something new for my eyes, I find it getting only harder. While other times when I throw anything and just go, it can be a major hit from every perspective, comfy and easily translated to timeless chic.

Today was one of those days that I kept throwing pieces around to find something that I already don’t have. Does this happen to you? I was looking for a patterned top with a fur trim that I noticed on a 70s’ picture of Umm Kulthom. When I finally confronted myself with what I already have, the look begins to appear. So if you ever get this condition don’t worry, it can be cured and here’s how.

Start With the Basics and Build Your Way Up

I found a sweatshirt that I once stole from my brother just to have in my closet whenever I need, but never wore. Added a pair of washed black skinny jeans that never fit but now is perfect (almost). And just right here, I succeeded to wear something new from what I already have!

Add Socks, Add Accessories

For distinguishing the look and elevating it. I wore a pair of black socks but a colorful pair is as much as welcomed to this game. Finish it with converse because you know, basics. Now, if only I had these linked hoops… no focus! Regular hoops will do the work, along with some clips
for a young looking head. I also wore anklet on top of the sock for a fresh new look.

Your Regular Warm Coat

Who am I kidding? It’s freezing today in my city. And that long silhouette will not only keep me warm but will be as a warping factor which is in my case necessary.

Add A Scarf, Add A Belt

I wish the coat wasn’t wool to be better belted but thankful to be wool for its warming factor. I also have this belt that is very versatile and adds this I-know-what-I’m-doing thing. Including a colorful scarf plays the cherry on top, it would be hard to not like the results.

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