Your Hair in the Wed. Season

In case you don’t know what to do with your hair at your friend’s weddings, don’t worry, we’re are here to help you with that, relax, sit back, raise your hair up high!

The braided chignon: You can do that if you wanna feel and look younger, bohemian, romantic or all! Don’t forget to loose the braids a little after doing it, and oh oh! do some smokey eyes with it, it’ll be like BAZINGA going on here, but no one can tell!

 Top Chignon: Classic, feminine and easy to make, brings all the face to focus, your face features and bone structures, that one would be great with overalls or maybe cropped shirt and a tulle skirt kinda dress, go rock this wed! go bold cause it’s more fun.


The Low Chignon: Effortless, simple french chic one, structure it like you want, twist your hair and loose some here and there. Maybe more casual will be just fine if you’ll wear something not that simple (embellished or beaded), you don’t wanna look so busy. The more simple, the more complicated you look to others.

The Relaxed from up to down chignon: Fierce, sexy, all you need some winged eyeliner with it and your good to go, in this case, maybe a silk dress or chiffon simple dress will be perfecto.


The Side Chignon: There’s unrevealed sexiness in this look, as much as it’s easy as much as it’ really suits all the faces and the dresses, adjust it like you want, more into the side or the back (i prefer more to the back side, more cool and relaxed) with a braid on the side or a head piece! #pieceofart.

The Long Messy Braid: Love in the air, i can do it everyday   (who’s got the time?) anyone can do it in a wed. With tall flowy dresses and status like “i woke up like this”. It’s so sophisticated making it so effortless. Advice: braid your head and sleep, you’ll wake up with a messy braid, do what it needs to look like this.

The Sleek Parted Hair: For more cleaner look, and if you have bold eyebrows, then you’ve got everything, all you need is small touches of makeup and you’re ready. —Caution: not for people who’ve got wavy hair and like a dancing machine on the dance floor, you won’t find it like that after 15 min. maximum.

Pixie: If you’re Pixie gal, then congratulations, you’re my muse for tonight,  Who needs big hair anyway!!! all you need is just a dress will reach your sexiness (maybe something backless!)

 —Cut the drama, and start the show—


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