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Your Local Getaway: Maryam —The Cool Business Woman

Welcome to a new segment in Fashion Paradoxes that’s simply about your local getaway that is only few miles away from your homeeeee!!! That you love/would love to do and would be the perfect weekend for you—how’d you capture your weekend! But maybe for some reason you fell a sleep and get in your laziness black hole! Every weekend will have someone new and you’ll get to know everyone’s special love about their local getaway and how they take advantage of the weekend to spend it RIGHT!

Name: Maryam.

Age: 25.

Job Title: As told to Fashion Paradoxes she’s an entrepreneur but as my friend and I know her she’s a former fashion designer who just moved to NYC and working as an office manager in a medical center, aaand my best friend since college and every lovable title in the world.

So tell us about your perfect weekend!?

At Friday Night: For a perfect night, I’d love to go to that restaurant in Manhattan that looks like vintage antique shop, with candles on all the tables! that would be the perfect date night. Then I’d love to go to Sephora and try a new lipstick color and make Him buy it!IMG_7312

Saturday Morning: Take a walk by the lake, having my breakfast by the lake, coffee and a muffin or a croissant and enjoying the scene.

Afternoon: Cooking or going to Manhattan, since I’m living in Brooklyn, the perfect weekend for me would be by going to Manhattan unless I wanted to discover a vintage store at Brooklyn.

Night: I’d love to attend “The Phantom of the Opera”, if someone would surprise me with tickets I wouldn’t say no.

Sunday Morning: Dreaming with taking that AM run but I’ll just sleep till 10pm, no pressure I’ll not regret it anyway. Then have a Napoleon at this french café that’s near the Brighton beach, drink my coffee by the beach and taking a long walk to Coney Island without realizing that it’s a 3 subways stops.

Ps: “I’d never do that without talking to you, it’s not doable to live in NYC without your gang!” She made me write that.IMG_7308

Afternoon: Having an hour or so in the subway and watching all the talents there, creating and playing, and I make a 15 minutes video of it all. Then I’d go to brunch, try something new and falling in love all over again with NYC every time you’re hitting a new ground, every time you look at new face, it’s always like breathing new air.

Sunday Night: If I didn’t watch a movie at Saturday night I would at Sunday, and It’d be an Egyptian movie, something to make me home sick.

You can follow her Instagram here.



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