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Zara and Mango Gave Me 8 Spring Styling Ideas on A Silver Platter

Love it or hate it. I have a sentimental relationship with Zara, so I can never hate it. Yes, We all know that Zara isn’t a creator of most of the designs it sells, but when it comes to pinpoint the high-end trends that will sell before the original designs hit the stores, so that Zara redesign it/copy it and sell it at a lower price, is truly something I can not neglect. Adding to that, putting the effort to style each trend differently so we all can digest it, is something I could view and screenshot all day long.

So whoever wants to know about Spring trends and wear it without blowing the entire paycheck, please read this article carefully and screenshot every spring outfit idea you like to clone all spring long. Plus I scrolled not only Zara but Mango as well for extra fun!

Bright Suits

Spring trend number one, the oversized colorful suits. I noticed that Zara added Suits and Co-ord sets categories on its main menu. That will make you know how much this trend is coming to demonstrate the fashion weather. The red suit with the clashing white buttons makes me pause in front of it deeply thinking where the hell I’m gonna wear this babe? I love it too much but I’m being honest here! Maybe If I live in a very fashionable world, going to a lot of events, this would be the perfect suit to wear. If you’re living this life please do it for me. Also, the white buttons remind me of the great Céline coats FW 2014, which is never a bad thing.

All I know is I’d wear it to an event held there approaching this lady to friend her and take a shot with.

Shorts Suits

The shorts suits are another story, I can imagine myself wearing it everywhere this spring with a polo shirt underneath, taking off the blazer if it’s really hot… All glued together with the perfect pair of mules and plastic jewelry, Can you imagine this life!? Are you loving Zara Spring trends 2018 so far?


As I’m actually scrolling Zara and writing at the same time, I tell you about my thoughts. I paused again when I saw this PJ set, yes, it’s coming with us this spring as well. If you’re loving this trend but you still don’t have the courage to pull it off. Then I guess you’ve to take it step by step. Step number one: Buy it. If you don’t like it, sleep in it. Wake up the next morning without looking at the mirror, go grab yourself a cup of coffee, here, you’ll have the great feeling of wearing something very comfy on the streets, then you’ll become addicted to it. BAM, Done.
I’ve done it and it felt good (actually I didn’t, but I worked from home with it and then I went out and forgot about it). Now I only wear Pj looks or something as comfortable as a Pj at the weekend outings.

Party Shorts

Knit shorts, multicolored stripes. ruffled details on the hem, embroidered shorts with tassels. If any of that later words came on a description of an item I’ll take at any time without even looking at it.

Mango Edits

Then I moved to Mango women but its theme was much more of a settled one. So I went to the Edits, it features an influencer every month or so, I clicked on Lucy Williams because I like her and I have some saved posts of her on my Instagram folder. There’s the whole mango folder that I have on my Instagram page and the edits by Mango is the source of it. That’s why I always say that Mango is the new Zara. At the Lucy Williams’s page, you’ll start thinking “Oh, I have that and that and these! Why I never thought about wearing them together!? And why I don’t look that chic every day! It’s totally approachable and easy!” while scrolling… “Oh, oh maybe I could have that! I think it’s the time for it and I know it’ll even last until the next summer. So I’ll write this on my “things I have to buy the first day I take my paycheck” list. It’s not a wishlist, it’s just a reasonable list that I can actually achieve which I’m very, very proud of.”

Co-ord  Slouchy Sets

I went back to Zara women and clicked on Co-ord sets. You know these oversized slouchy suits that give that new silhouette? I never tried it before. When I first saw this new silhouette on the fashion week (insert some years ago) I didn’t like it that much. Then when bloggers styled it and set the mood for it they convinced me a bit. It’s just like my relationship with dad ugly sneakers, when I first saw it I was like “I love the artistic shape but there’s no way you could find me wearing one these” Now, I’m on the consideration level. On both trends.

Hats & Leopard Scarfs

On the other hand, the hat that Simon made for Jacquemus became the season’s talk. In this scenario, it’s too artistic that you actually want to wear, the LA BOMBA video that was filmed in one shot makes me feel like I wanna live in that artistic frame. Or Le Souk collection that I feel so relatable too, not to mention the outstanding marketing. All of the elements made me want to to be covered in it this gigantic hat. Zara’s hat is not a comparison to it but inspired by it obviously. And if I ensemble it just likes that, with a tiger print scarf, a statement earrings, and red lipstick. I’d rule the world. And what about the leopard scarf rolled around the body as a chic burrito are you kidding me? My eyes could eat that any time a day.

Speaking of the Marrakesh feel. Have you seen the skirt on a skirt action, yes, write it down, please.


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