Fashion Paradoxes is a space that has been generating style thoughts and visual art on the internets since 2010. I created this space while I was an architect student to share my looks after being obsessed with the new move of style bloggers (there were like, 10 bloggers out there). At the time, my only hope was to be featured in Vogue, maybe. I imagined my look captioned, “The girl that combined the East and the West culture in a new way!”. I really don’t remember, but clothes was more than just clothes for me, still is, a story to tell in many different ways. After graduating, I wanted to share even more of this life. I love anything art. As cliché as this sounds, you may say that I find art in everything and everyone and I appreciate the time on my hand to discover and make more. Believe me, I want to do it all.

What I’m doing here is something that I make myself, from the start, something I can not do as an architect— I mean to take a piece of land and design it from start to finish—yet. So I constructed this space from scratch! I taught myself programming and coding to be able to set up a software operating system, install software updates, create a data base, install a CM system, configure and secure it all (watch out!) then finally, tweak the frontend theme—the only thing I didn’t do here is developing the theme itself so yes, I also got help, but I tweaked it a lot to resemble my own taste.

The name Fashion Paradoxes came from my love of the style contradictions that can be in one look and literally take my breath away or make me shed a tear. It came from the many personalities that I deliver upon what I feel everyday. From a maximalist to timeless chic. From experimenting with fashion to just be on the go. These sides play a huge part on how I do fashion in general. And you won’t see it only in the fashion section but how I live my life in general. The irony of every little detail. What I do here is dissecting my obsession with every single aspect that I got attached to of my Egyptian culture, the digital world, architecture, and shape stories around it. I shoot, I edit, and I write what you see here unless stated otherwise. Welcome people!



A trustworthy beauty product recommendations I have discovered, tried and reviewed for you. Get your cocktail, write your reviews with me, and forget yourself in this black hole. Keep your point of view coming, I will only stop if you did. Ok, maybe not, I love this!!

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