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I Finally Tried Glossier Futuredew, Here’s My Verdict

Glossier is one of my favorite beauty brands. The branding, their belief, the backstory, and their new formulas that always excites me to read about it, and discover it. When Glossier’s Futuredew ($24) launched, I remember Emily Weiss, the brand’s founder, and CEO, said: “We wanted to be able to bottle up ‘Glossier skin'”; And I happen to know Glossier skin! I admired the ‘Glossier skin’ so much when I tried their products years ago, and I have been hoping to try Futuredew ever since. I finally did and here’s my Glossier Futuredew review!

The dewy skin that I’m talking about is the moist skin you are trying to get from oils but can’t keep up for long during the day. I tried to do that as well, even though I don’t like oils on my skin. I’m still using some particular oils only for its useful purposes, not to get glowy skin. Glossier first attempt to develop this product was as a facial oil. When they haven’t got the glowy effect last on skin the way they needed to, they switched to an oil-in-water emulsion. By doing that, they were able to create an oil-serum that benefits your skin just like regular oil and acts as a makeup highlighter, all in one bottle. 

Futuredew makes you achieve your most wanted dewy skin goals from one application. Not even kidding, it gives the effect you get after; doing all the skincare steps — a double cleanse, toner, your most splurged on retinol, serum, moisturizer, and lastly oil– drinking your water, sitting in the sun with a high SPF to juuuust get some golden color, and massaging your skin daily. It’s best for people who like their skin to be healthy highlighted without really going into several makeup steps. Helloooo! hi

How to use Glossier Futuredew?

The first application wasn’t really on me, which, if you thought about it, is better to see the results on someone first. I recommended to my sister, who tried it and got me a bottle. She has oily skin and been sticking to really few care steps. She showed me the results by cleaning her face first with Glossier cleanser, moisturized it with Weleda Skin Food, then, as the Futuredew bottle recommends, applied two pumps on the back of her hand. Then, she took two big dotted from it to her cheekbones, and the rest spread it to her face. To see the transformation of her skin from eh to Wowzaaa in two minutes was just insane.

When I apply it, I put two more dots after my blush for maximum dewiness. When I wear makeup, I use it as a primer below my foundation, and it makes my foundation looks better. I don’t know-how!

How Futuredew feels? And what it really does?

It makes the skin super soft. Some of its active ingredients are; Evodia rutaecarpa extract, sugarcane squalane, and jojoba, grape seed, Evening Primrose, and rosehip oils. It doesn’t feel oily like most of the oils I used before, nor like serums, it’s much stickier, BUT it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin, it feels like I have just applied a light oil. It smells great, like flowers and natural oils, and the color of it is sparkly beige rose. 

If you’re a sucker for no-makeup natural glowy skin, then this oil-serum hybrid is for you. I’ve read some Glossier Futuredew reviews on the internet that this product will be too subtle for the highlighter lovers, that you might need to glide on your highlighter on top to compliment it. But when I tried it in the sunlight, the light bounce was similar to my favorites highlighters. 

Glossier Futuredew review

glossier futuredew review
Glossier Futuredew
In a Nut Shell
Oil serum hybrid that gives an instant dewy glow, same glow you get after doing all the skincare steps, massaging your skin and drinking lot of water. It also nourisher skin due to its plant-based extracts.
Rating4 Votes
Part of the skincare routine and acts as a part of makeup as well.
Very long wearing, meaning, glowy skin all the time.
Might be too subtle for highlighter lovers.
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