Dior saddle bag

Why The Dior Saddle Bag Made Us All Want to Be Our Own Version Of Carrie Bradshaw?

If you hate normal bags. And if you’re holding statements bags everywhere, mini embellished bags every day, and find you dad resent your bag choices every time he’s around. Join me on this viral experience.

On Thursday’s morning, while I was instagramming/having my coffee. Instagram threw up the Dior Saddle bags on my eyes like it never did with any marketing strategy before. Suddenly, I saw everyone wearing a bag when on normal “Instagram shooting outfits” days, no one ever did. 80% of my Instagram following wore a Dior Saddle bag and captioned it #DiorSaddle.

First stop in New York. ☕️

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Find the 🐎 #DiorSaddle

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… to name a few.

KPI’s? Taking my love for the vintage Fendi Baguette bag more serious.

My mom had a Dior Street Chic Columbus bag. I remember her taking it literally everywhere when I was young. A month ago, I found the bag in her never-opened drawer and didn’t pay much attention to it. I played with it, acted like Paris Hilton back in the days (when flip phones was a thing and Dior made a pocket for it) but that was it. After the viral posts, I want to travel back to Egypt just to get that bag. Another indicator we must consider.

The Dior saddle bag was first introduced by John Galliano in the Dior Spring 2000 ready-to-wear collection and it became the cult accessory in the early 00s. In Fall 2018, Dior creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, reintroduced the iconic Dior Saddle bag on the Runway and everyone knew that it’ll be a part of our 2018 summer.

Dior saddle bag

It wasn’t surprising because, since last year, vintage bags got fresh air on NYC streets as if they were on a bucolic surrounding. Women started to exploit vintage bags when they found themselves rewatching SATC. Carrie Bradshaw is a big part of our millennial life and we can not neglect a Baguette even if we wanted to. When I started to see vintage Baguettes on some Instagram stories, it hit me to the core.

Fendi was one of the first major brands to loan to the SATC show. Then every other brand followed. Without Fendi and without Fendi Baguette that Silvia Venturini Fendi invented with the interlocking F logo bucket that reflects the light whenever you move, SATC wouldn’t be the known SATC.

During season three, in particular, Carrie and her Fendi Baguette bag were best friends. Who got robbed of her in an episode we all felt heartbroken at the scream of SJP: “IT’S A BAGUETTE!”. Or can we forget about the episode when she was trying to quit smoking for Aiden but she couldn’t and went outside to get the cigarette she knew how to hide well in a Dior Saddle bag?

These two scenes will make your response automatic: “Because I hate bags unless it’s a designer bag.” to your dad every time he asks “Why you don’t wear a normal big bag to hold your things!?”. I wear cheap statement small bags because I think it took them more effort/time to design than a giant cheap leather bag.

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The design of a Fendi Baguette can’t leave my mind anytime I go for bags shopping. And if I never found anything similar—which was the case two years ago— I get a cross-shoulder bag; knot the handle until it becomes very short and wear it as a shoulder bag.

After the Dior saddle bag explosion, all the vintage versions of it on Poshmark and Vestiare Collective are sold out or the price has doubled. However, you can still find some on The RealReal if you doubled your efforts.

I like the Dior Saddle bag in both versions. But as I always say to myself, you can take the girl out of the Baguette, but you can’t take the Baguette out of the girl. Better find one now.

Now to you, what’s your favorite vintage bag?


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