caroline brasch people

I never really liked the “model off duty” kinda thing, remember when it was the big thing? and people was up and down about it, bottom line it was boring.

But while i was scouring Instagram for hours (i need to cut that down) here she was, Caroline everybody. I think 2 years ago I had an album on my phone only about her hair, but now she always stops me on Instagram (you know when your just scrolling so fast that all of a sudden all you see is colors and then you stop and return back a little, yea) she has something here. She look normal to me and you can’t pinpoint any of what she’s wearing except the Chanel bags. And with all of her Chanel bags and those long legs, you can wear anything and look good, but no really, check her, she’s got it.

Images: Google and her Instagram.


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