40+ Ways to Wear a White Button Down Shirt You Have to Rethink

This is a tribute to the classic crisp white shirt. Genuinely because every time I see an old image with the latter being worn, I only think of one thing, did they do it better than us?

Isn’t it amazing that you can wear it forever without getting any outdated, timeless or any of the all the fashionable words that could replace classic.

We don’t think of white crisp white button down shirt power that often, nevertheless we have at least one in our wardrobe. But after I made my researches here, I asked myself, Is one enough? Do I even have the right one that represent me as I always imagine?— A cooly deliberated person that you can be friend with because she’s such a comedian when you get to know her. Anyway, the white shirt has this duty and I think it can make it perfectly. Translate your intentions to people whatever these intentions are. Chiefly because it never wears you.

This slideshow that I searched the mother Pinterest for, is cool enough to let you know that you don’t need that much for your days. I mean those days that you don’t want to pick an outfit on it and feel like it’s just another chore at morning and in the same time, you wanna feel effing good. Those days that you wanna be like you’re not trying to hard, you’re not trying too little, you’re just not trying at all, it is just the way it is, so you. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve every single day even if I woke up feeling like I just wanna dres sup for the whole day.

At this point, you start asking yourself, Is there such a thing as reinventing the classics? Because from what I see here, I don’t really want to change anything about all of this. Ok might just a little but i won’t call it reinventing, I want the white shirt as it is! Instead I’ll call it, build on it. You’ll build on it everything else on your mind, it’s just like avocados! Build on it, anything to taste differently delectable everyday!

Now tell me, how would you wear it!? Chanel at 1991 ha!? YeaAS!


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