Celine resort 2015

Falling for Céline P/2

I should dedicate this blog to Céline and Zara.

I post so much of them that it could be just for the two, and I don’t mind it. That’s what I love and that’s what I want my archive to look like, too much of Céline and Zara.

Well Céline because no one makes clothes looks like that, and Zara because it’s so fast in imitating that and know what I want, and they can make me feel Céline in a lot of occasions, no comparisons here indeed, but you know what I mean…

So here I’m again, talking Céline, and what I learned and what my mind tells me every time I see a new way of expressing myself through what I wear, so, mind, please take the lead here, uuhh Plus…

Céline is always a good idea.

The Céline resort 2015 collection came out amazingly good and it speaks for itself, like always, french in effortless way that you think they haven’t done much but there’s a lot going on, a variety of looks and versatile ideas, and I think people are purchasing more pieces from the resort collections than the other collections, because it’s more wearable, the photo shoots now makes you fall in the mood of the natural everyday look and make you believe that it’s not just another glossy magazine advertising, like these images, there’s a sunlight directed to the models faces and they are standing behind a white wall, and you just see the whole picture like it’s just a normal girl on the street on a warm day, wearing these clothes, and you can not think about anything other than you could be her, you’ve reached that level of understanding that these pieces will look great on you, because you know yourself that much you know…

Like how can I read this? from day to night, from Autumn to winter, from great to super, it’s all right! the thing I know is, my love for creams and white outfits is unbreakable, so say it with me one more time: Snow white cape, fringed off white knit top, off white culottes, brogue in white or white tango ankle strap pump. got it? GOOOD! because that’s simply how to wear a white and cream shades outfit.

And that goes for all black outfit as will, because it’s ultimately sublime to see a girl in a whole black look, you got your different textures of black then you build it up, plus everyone should have at least one cape in her wardrobe. Me: you got that right mind.






“Excuse me, Can I have your earrings? Coat? Eyes? okay at least give me your hair!










“Those White buttons, and the details of the shirt and the wrapped skirt are Everything.”






What I’ve been telling you about dresses over skirts still going on and on and on, this time on striped knit and tango shoes so we can all dance together!

One line: Long knit dresses in wool— Can we spot some light on the bare feet and the bumbag?






“It’s Totally fine to wear high waist- wide leg white trousers and sweep the floor with it/ I’m under Phoebe Philo spell.”










“Can I have a moment alone with this pom poms cropped trousers. Please?”







And that’s what I can call a great look, I can’t really describe the perfection of the off white top with the black buttons detailing, and how it’s worn with a navy wrapped -under the knee- skirt and the triangle earrings that adds a lot to it, you feel like everything in its place, not too much, not too simple. Or the jumper that I have never thought about before that it could really look that good with a skirt, and that’s people is how to look simply elegant.







“Can we fly together!??”







As we said that everyone should have a cape, I’ll say it again with jumpsuits, and these two are perfect, with the pop of color in the pumps, a guarantee of head turning every time. Like whaaaaa!

See… Céline always inspires me to dream more and wear with such an elegance.

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