Falling in Love

Okay lets just talk about me for a second here, shall we? i’m one of those girls that searching for something lately, i don’t know what i’m looking for, may be love (for new things), may be, but the only thing i know, that i wanna discover new things in life, and settle down! (no not like what settle down means for a guy), meaning: Admittedly, i haven’t found my harmony yet, so i’m trying and searching everything, (not just in my style, but life in general)…

And it always hit me that i have never ever wore a jumpsuit, why? it looks super!, well don’t ask me that, i just can’t find the perfect reason or the perfect one, even if i did, it’s just the same scenario every time and it cost a fortune, so while i was scrolling the pages on Zara (God only knows how much i love this store, i think there’s a love and a devotion between me and it, it just gets me all the time, i think i have a relationship with Zara!)

 So today i found these, and i wish i did not, but it happened and now i wanna talk about it and i want both, they are just perfect in every single way.
The first one is black with lace everywhere, that chic, sexy, and easy deep V-neck that Garance talked about before (yes, i keep her words always in mind, and this V neck in lace for those who above B cup, so you can start from here), and the back! did you see the back! i found love in a lace jumpsuit!
The second one is a dark navy Also deep V-neck, buttoned up, long and graceful! i don’t know why i keep picturing Caroline De Maigret in it?! and the model here is wearing it with a sheer high neck shirt so i’m giving you 2 ideas to wear a V-neck if it’s your first time thank you very much! And even if i prefer a plain V-neck because it’s sexier, i don’t mind to layer anything because i’m more layers gal..
Yes i know that i talked in so many thing at one time but i felt like it, and everything leads to another, and after all i think you can get me, so back to my point, i want those jumpsuits now! period.
So guys Are you for a jumpsuit or no? better! Are you for a Deep V-neck jumpsuit?
Fool me


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