I’ll talk Muses tonight. It’s not that easy for you to be my muse, since I’m my own muse, but I surrender tonight cause I have huuuuuge girls crush.

-Mica Arganaraz: I couldn’t forget this girl since I saw her the first time at Vogue pairs September issue, first of all can I have her hair? really! I’m dying for her hair (similar to freja’s haircut) all I think about is okaaaayyy I’m sooo getting this haircut, it’s suits my waves, I could totally pull it off, uh of course i won’t look like Mick Jagger, I’ll join the cool club oh yeeeeaaaa.

But it’s not going like that, she’s a muse cause of her altitude… with her hair. God damn it.

Backstage of Isabel Marant

Edie Campbell: She another hidden muse for me, sue me. I’ve always admired her short black hair but she became blondie with darker roots, makes her more romantic but cool in the same time (the unsolved equation for me). The important thing here is: hair is a big part of who you are or can be, either could bring you up or down, it represents a lot of you too, for me more than the clothes sometimes, and complete the look all the time. But nothing compares to the altitude of the two ladies here, it’s always in the altitude, always will be.

Images via Vogue.com

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