How light would you go on winter when it comes to your denim wearing?

I know we all come to our senses (not really but we’re tend to feel gray) and appreciate the darker shades in winter season (dark coats, sweater, jeans) but since we all now agree that white and cream shades can do wonders in our winter style and incorporate them into our winter closet (thank you dear god), I was wondering how light I’ll go in winter when it comes to denim shades.

I think it’ll look so effortless and chic if I’d wear light jeans with the dark shades, it’ll add to the whole outfit, or I can layer it with all white outfit and break the snowball effect, or or I absolutely can wear it with another shade of denim and we could fly to the moon together, you with me!?

Now if I convinced you on this, How would you style your light denim shades in winter?

Images via ARY that I screened shot and steal.

Winter Socks


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