Mind Talk PRADA

Hello, It’s me again! I’m in Milanoo baby! not really, okay mentally. Attraversiamo! (I think it’s the only difficult word I know, it means lets cross over, eat pray love? okay move on) let’s talk big shows, great minds, and powerful women. Mind… Take the lead.

Mind: you’ll always gonna do that, aren’t you? let’s see what you have this time.

Self: C’mon, I always leave you for the big bites! And it’s Milano! So you’ll ALWAYS see good somewhere!

Mind: Fine, What you’ve got?

Self: :D… PRADA.

Mind: So tell me again why your doing this stupid convo, and made me wait! Show me!!!

Self: Here we go…


Mind: Is that the real show space? I mean, it’s purple! Purple dunes, is that real sand? unbelievable, wait, I know that face, Is that Gemma Ward!?

Self: Told ya it will be something, yes she is.

Mind: Omggg! Okay, concentrate, the high socks and the clogs, the clogs seems so old… in a new way.

Self: Look at the layers, the contrast between the fabrics and yes we should wear high socks.

Mind: I feel like she’s a woman came from another land, nobody knows her, and her history remains in her head and showing in her clothes, the classic bags and clogs, the rich fabrics, the defining lines, the no linen and the patch work. She was something at her past, and nothing in this new world, yet, but she’s a woman who refuse to be nothing but strong. She started to stitch her pieces together, put her diamond necklace, maybe she stole her x- husband cardigan sweaters, with the the remaining of the ashes from her sofa and the curtains that left fine after she set their home on fire, holding only her suitcases with a head raised up high. She’s so strong, know who she is and what she want to reach.

Self: Excuse me, from earth to mind, still here with us? Uhhhh that was really good and i’m falling for those fabrics, it makes me want to wear all those colors in one look. Thank you mind for that kinda mood. I’ll meet ya in another good show. See ya!prada-ss15-fashion-paradoxes-1

Images via Vogue.com and nowfashion.

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