Presentations or Shows?

Presentations or shows for you?

I notice that this season have got more presentations than shows, some designers goes from shows to presentations (or lookbooks) in fall collections which is something I really enjoy by the way, why? Because I’m not there and I don’t wanna repeat the same scenario of envying everyone was there, having wonderful transcendent time between each other, kayy!!!

That relievingly said, I really enjoy presentations more, sure the shows has the whole mood, set, drama, thoughts to be translated in the perfect way that no presentation can beat, but the presentations this time were more than just a standing models, there were also kinda mood out there (as in Isa Arfen for example), and if I were there in presentations I could do three things freely without any distractions that I can’t do in the shows:

  1. Having perfect images of the models standing there, interactive with them and shoot them the way I want them to look in my images.
  2. I could photo-bombing anyone’s picture with all the other models, just me standing there with them, and people will ask about whom this cuckoo girl.
  3. I could take my time in exterminating every piece and feel it.

Plus the designs are more wearable which given an extra points for me somehow. Well, sometimes. In general, good clothes is just good wherever it’s presented.

So What do prefer? Presentations or Shows?

From left: Tommy Hilfiger, Viktor & Rolf.

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