The Perfect Everyday Boots

Yesterday, I was in the mood for boots, and it wasn’t just me. It was me, my best friend and every other girl on the street, that they all felt to wear boots in one rush hour and no one could stop them, for me I was an observer, and it turns out that I could only be that for today because in my own opinion, I don’t have the perfect everyday boots.

So after I got inspired and jealous of all the boots I saw around me, I found my comfort and secure in scrolling the internet, as usual, hopefully and desperately in finding a perfect everyday boots, but did I found a one perfect boot that will solve all my problems, sigh, I wish I never thought about it… because the very first words came to my mind when I describe a perfect boots would be: 

  • Ankle high comfy ones.
  • No I don’t mind a short heels as a few inches won’t hurt anybody.
  • It has to be black, duh. but would make a statement too, just enough for everyday.
  • but what if my perfect boots turned out to be red or yellow…
  • Or dipped in glitters, that would be perfect for me too! and everyday won’t mind a glitter for sure…

you know perfect is just a relative word, and instead of finding one, I found a dozen, shall we (From left):

The Essentials: You know when you don’t find a word to describe a feeling, and when Acne feels boots, we all can understand, block-heeled, black leather with elastic, that’s including Zara too, who made a similar one, then I have the one with the side zips is from Zara too, the burgundy one who is not less than the others, actually I find it more classic but with a modern touch of elastic is from Zara too (see, it could be burgundy as well). Then you haven’t lived a life if you never had a biker boots, but those Valentino pair are so basic and not busy or bulky that makes me think about wearing them as an everyday boots. And the last one is an Acne studios pistol leather which I know that every woman who understand what boots is all about have a similar one in her closet.

The –Not So Normal- boots: I had a wild dream before, when i imagined that i could embrace my wool socks through a sling-back boots, and Zara made my dream come true, with a color bonus! then after that i imagined myself in a low chunky heels worn with an A line skirt, then i imagined myself in a whole outfit from LV and Zara also made that come true with two pairs of great boots shapes, one with a croc leather at the back and big zip to remind me that it’s not completely the 60’s, and the other is pointed with silver plated button that it’s shape makes a huge impact, last but not least, defiantly not. Saint Laurent ladies… the laced up army leather rock n’ roll classic chic boots i see everywhere now. And if you like the alluring western look combined with rock, and you wanna have a Harley bike one day, this is got to be your everyday look. (the silver toe plate is just unbearable for me, unbearableee.)

The -Bom Boom Shake The Room- boots: I always save the best for last, because it’s like deserts you know, and when i made my list in what I want in a perfect everyday boots, I swear, I never know that glittery boots that’ll make you fly exists!! like realllyyyy! #Liar, but i dream about those Saint Laurent pair like everyone else, but I won’t either complain if i got the crystal embellished suede ones, duh, seriously, Saint Laurent makes the most perfect flying/rock it boots out there (from the shape, sole, heels, material). The Leopard one that I know I won’t find is from Zara yes, and when it comes to wow me with a subtle metallic and great classic chunky round heels, it has to me Maison Martin Margiela people.

Have you find your perfect boots yet? oh you did! Did you shake any rooms lately!? tell me more!

Images via Net-a-porter, Zara.


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