Wear It #1

I’m playing a new game! The name of the game “Wear it”, it’s a game you already playing everyday, but you don’t realize it’s a game so I’m here to tell you and play it with you! It makes us think about what we wear without actually wearing it and taking it off, don’t you get tried of that!!? I mean it’s all your clothes anyway and they all looked good in some point in your life! so it’s like a live mood board here! Plus It has comic feeling into it, pluss it’s good to think what the clothes could say about you! play, laugh, being inspire or even download your own in the comments! FAAHHHHN! I’m off to feel French!

It’s a Rimmel Lipstick: Kiss by Kate Moss, Sunnies: H&M, Suit, Wallet and Sandals: Zara.

The Hand


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