This Is What To Wear In Rainy Days

I love the weather these days. It’s raining all the time even in the driest places on earth. But you still can dress in sandals. Don’t be silly, how will I go out with an open sandal in this crazy, stormy, rainy weather, you may ask. You are right. I think it’s absurd to wear sandals in the rain, but also beautifully paradoxical. Ok, maybe if it’s dripping, and you have a car, and a big umbrella. I see it everywhere on the gram, but it’s just for the sake of the photo, and I don’t want this post to be about that. I want to look cool and chic in the most pouring rainy days without having to sacrifice my toes.

The first time it poured heavy rain in my city was two days ago. I was about to head out, and I hadn’t planned for this kind of weather. I started questioning what to wear on a rainy day and found myself with zero styling ideas on my head, or the open wardrobe in front of me. I went to the fast decision-maker source to find myself in front of some really good looks that I can replicate, and some good items that I can buy now, because, when it comes to cool outfits for rainy days, I barely have anything that would serve with this gloomy weather. I found some ideas I turned to tips that can result in very refreshing rainy outfits.

1. Wear coats that will survive rain, aka coats that won’t cause unwanted water stains

I can say I have a handful of reliable coats that can survive the coldest weather, but I know that these coats won’t survive the drops of rain. It will soak, and I won’t wait to take it off. The best strategy is to friend the rain. I would get me some shields coat. A waterproof chic trench, preferably with a hood, plaid raincoats are trendy and would make a waterproof trench look less like a plastic bag. In fact, it would look so good you would want to style it on non-rainy days. Also, you can choose a patent leather coat that has a classic silhouette and would be suitable for school, or work. And of course, don’t forget leather items, in any form or shape. You might consider leather pants with a blazer look, and a big umbrella, which brings us to…

2. The bigger, the better, when it comes to an umbrella, Ella, Ella!

Umbrellas are by far the least object we think or write about. We don’t use it rarely, and it’s an essential part of our rainy look. I really would love to know the best umbrellas you’ve ever purchased. Oh, By the way, Glossier London pop-up store took note of how important to design a chic/working umbrella. You can find big, Glossier pink umbrellas in the store, you can buy me one as a gift.

3. Sneakers are out, combat boots are in

Avoiding being drenched is a priority in rainy weather. But what if all I want is to live a normal day without rethinking every step I would take. Here comes the combat boots, and waterproof snow boots to rescue. Yes, We already know that they exist, but seriously, huge shoes are popular whether we like it or not. Prada combat boots have a minimal shape that made me rethink all the huge shoe wave. But if you don’t like this trend, long leather boots with heavy socks can be a feminine replacement—I will make a whole opost for this one in particular. If it’s dripping, any closed shoes will be fine. And when in doubt, go for Hunter boots.

4. Invest in a good looking puffer jackets

My sister bought my attention to the fact that some people, including her, resent the idea of puffer jackets or coats. She thinks that it’s everywhere, people in the streets begin to look like a team. I disagree here because I found a great puffer jacket selection that looks unique and would be great on rainy, and very cold days.

Images: @kassleditions, @pernilleteisbaek, @lucywilliams02 & @Sakspotts



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