What’s your individual sign? that thing that you did (like a haircut or piercing) or have born with and represented you somehow and added to your attitude, for instance, my hair is the number one thing that people recognize, but hair is just a hair if it’s not adding to your character and the other great things that are put together in a very subtle way to make you, You.

For me one of those significant but insignificant thing is my face mole. It’s that thing that I can’t imagine my face without, some people hate face moles, for me, I’m what you see because of life and style experiences that shaped me, add to that my mole.

But I never pay any attention to it, until a friend of mine told me one day, wouldn’t it bother you? I know that friend who had one just like that and took it off with laser or something, it’s easy to take it off these days…

Only if I want to, I love my mole! It’s been here on my face since I can’t remember and I don’t think I’d recognize my face without it, it falls on the right place for me, plus I love seeing moles on any face, those little dots just like freckles only larger, darker, more significant, strong and unique. It’s that something that could give a lot without doing anything, balance the face for me and don’t ask me how…
The other day I discovered my good face profile, you know the nicer profile that we have than the other, since I’m not a mirror looker (maybe a glance, twice every three days) I never study it, or think where my flip over should be seated, I just flip it on the right side using my right hand since I’m right handed! but when you’re 25 (almost) and don’t know which is your good profile, that’s a trouble. Knowing that you’ve been hiding your mole with your hair and -happen to be- your good profile for 25 years is another trouble.

And that process would’ve never been done if my friend didn’t mention my mole, I took a look at it and decided to embrace it big time again, starting with flipping my hair on the other side, it’d be awkward at first, but I might have less than the 25 years that I’ve already lived not giving it it’s right, like it’s my new face with my small sign, that I love and embrace from now on.

So What’s your personal trademark? and how do you embrace it?


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