Anissa Kermiche anklet over tight

This is How to Wear Anklets In Winter

Are you tired of the same different pair of boots you wear daily? not yet, how about after a week? a month later? At this time, I’m sure you will be asking Google” what are the best winter shoes to wear that aren’t boots” or “the comfiest shoes to wear in winter, NO BOOTS!!” Like Siri or Google would understand the shouting, when that time will ever come?… But, this post is not about winter shoes, do you want one? because I’m already preparing for it since the rainy day looks post. Technically it’s still fall, even if my body believes it’s winter and decides to be sick every week.

Anyway, today, I’m going to study the specific fashion of anklets over tights because even though we hovered around the idea before, no style ever got me like this image above from Anissa Kermiche.
The technique is certainly simple, a burgundy opaque pair of tights worn with patent black Mary Janes Celine pumps, both contrast perfectly with gold-plated silver and pearls anklets thats is styled over the tights—the ahhh Parisian vibe moment. This ensemble is the best alternative ever imagined of socks and sandals, actually better. Thoughts?


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