Fall Hair Accessories That Will Enhance Your Relationship With Your Hair

I still have a strange love-hate relationship with my hair. Currently, all I want from it is to stop touching my face while I’m focused on something, which is all the time. So my hair is always up and away in a bun. When I give it a chance to show me what it gots, it doesn’t surprise me to fail me every time. I don’t do anything special for it on my behalf. What can fix this relationship between us is hair accessories. I have this positive and acceptance mind, and I’m doing my best to make this relationship work better.

We were on good terms last month. That’s when my hair trusted me enough to cut its bangs. The results were ok, and we were both happy. But here we go again, same frizz, dryness, and acting out of context all day every day. For that, I’m bringing the big guns out again. Here are the best fall hair accessories that keep us glued like love birds.

Communication Aka Scrunchies


The quickest and best method proved to work. It’s like magical couples therapy that exists to give each partner its freedom to be itself without hurting the other. I love my hair laid back, on a bun or ponytail, and my hair loves the cute addition in its life, and to any look. I prefer to wear a velvet medium beige scrunchie most of the time. A win, win for both parties!

Playfulness Aka Bandanas

Bandanas, scarves, and kerchiefs are classical, playful accessories that never go out of style. No matter how you style it! I just made a TikTok that demonstrates 14 different ways of wearing a scarf. I didn’t change my moves since 2010. So when we (me and hair) are in the playfulness mode, I go with this trick. Works (clap emoji) every (clap emoji) time.

Reinforcement Aka The 90s Claw

If you’re a 90s gal, leveraging the whole 90s aesthetics, then you already have one of these. It’s like this traditional, hearty, but easy dish you know your hair loves, but you never make. Now you want things to work out, so you revisit this method. It’s also an intelligent way for future discussions.


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