Ok, I’m Obsessed With Ikon København Designs

You may feel that you’re getting transformed into a bathroom, or a Marrakesh hammam, if you please, due to a tiled piece that’s placed in a “regular” room. Your eyes won’t let it go and you will start your designer search right after. You will later know that it’s by a Danish brand called Ikon København. I mean, that’s what happened with me.

Ikon København is a brand founded by two sisters who in my opinion, know what design paradoxes mean. They didn’t choose to design timeless pieces, but rather what will contradict with all that you already have in your place. Adding the whimsy touch that you were looking for in an artful frame but never found it’s enough! (I always need more, in a subtle way, of course). The brand offer long console tables, short tables that work perfectly as coffee tables, and cubes that function as side tables or stools. All in a variety of colors. I’m telling you, these colorful pieces can pass your “post-modern aesthetic” rule book easily.

The tiled pieces look so bizarre in any room but bathrooms or kitchens. It will make you pause, absorb, spark a conversation in your head or with the first person near you, and eventually find yourself that this piece makes sense in the room. After a while, you start to think about how bizarre any place would look without one of these modern, unexpected objects, including yours. No, especially yours.

I think I’m also so obsessed with this design just because it resembles the grid-style of the BIM software I’m using daily.

The slideshow above will make you decide yourself.


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