The Best Pants For Summer Is Powered By Your Favorite Instagrammers

Surprisingly enough, this summer—even during the hottest days—I’m into wearing pants more than skirts. I’m couch surfing pants as I’m imagining myself living in the French Riviera, pairing it with romantic linen tops, and wearing nothing but Manolos mules on my feet.

This morning, I sat for two hours on shopping sites (mainly Zara, Net a porter and Frankie Shop) sailing myself around the sales. And the more I scroll, the more I’m persuaded to buy casual summer pants. So to sum it up for you, I did a “Best Pants For Summer” list that I know I will return to when the I-don’t-know-what-to-wear crisis comes to town—you can bookmark it—Powered by my last searches on the web and the best app to get the best Summer outfit ideas with pants, So seriously…

How To Wear Pants This Summer?

It’s not about how as much as which pair of pants are going to be flexible enough to be here for me all summer long and give me the characters that I want to be in summer 2018, that will be exceptionally rewarded with the best pants for summer 2018 for its hard work? Alright then, let me just amend that…

The Best Pants For Summer 2018, The Best Pants Of All!

Better! Is it gonna be the…

Lightweight Summer Pants


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Like Leandra did here! Accessorize it like there’s no tomorrow! This pair will make you feel breezy like no other. It’s that sheer of garment you put just to block the sun and get more fresh air into your skin. I feel that it’s even better than wearing nothing. Can you feel it too? These are Tibi.

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Or can we talk about AnneLaure’s light pants over here as well!? It’s Mango, don’t you just love the creases of the linen? It’s always put me in the au natural mood! Anti-iron lady is here by the way.

Wide Summer Pants


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London for one hot(-ish) second

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Go for a light palette. I saw that high-rise, vast legs pair on every neighborhood on Instagram. Ganni is selling them and call it Denim Runway. You instantly feel them with such a name, right! The girls are styling them with very basic tops, everything is going very easily. Don’t overthink it because these pairs are already enough to make the statement you want this summer. Also, pay attention to the thin belt and the leopard shoe Camille paired with them, please.

The Ultimate Pants For Summer 2018

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Favorite color combo 🌸🌹 #thenetset

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If you’re looking for flattering pants for summer, this one is what you need. This pair is exactly what I imagined when I was talking about France. The pair has a vintage look yet fresh and modern at the same time which makes it feel so unique. Sabina is wearing Staud damn good here with a t-shirt from the same shade, and AnneLaure is wearing a red pair from AlexaChung with a pink top aka the ultimate color combo for this summer. I already found a smilier pair at Zara but I’m really into the Staud linen ecru pair, plus, it’s on sale.

Belted Pants

I never was a huge fan of this pants, I don’t know why! I never even tried it before! But these pants are perfect for workdays and weekends! If its styled wisely enough, it can take you to space, so I’m gonna fasten my belt and will try a pair this summer.

 Printed Pants

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When it comes to co-ords sets, I become weak. This set looks so damn nice, jam it up with gold accessories, wear it with your favorite shoes and call it a perfect day. It’s also Mango… Mango is THE thing these days.

Shorts Want To Be Pants

I filed these under summer pants I should genuinely consider. Pernille and Leandra styled them many times and each time I find myself drooling over it. If you don’t like jeans in the summer that much, then this might be your solution. Just cut off your old pair of jeans and there you have it, the best pants for summer.

I’m gonna show you the results of my searches on my Instagram stories and of course, here on the outfits I will post later on. But now over to you, which pants will take the reward? UGH! Do you have the best pants for Summer already!? Show me everything!!

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