When I think about buying some jeans —because I’m always in the search mode for a good pair, it’s a process that never ends— I’m thinking something 70’s now (who doesn’t) but when it comes to the style, whether it’s cigarette, skinny, boyfriend or straight cut, I get lost for a second, because all I see looks good and all of it cropped! For a day I almost a 100% sure that I’ll go for the straight cut, and the next day, I want cigarette cut, and all of that is generated from scrolling and scrolling some really good cropped pairs on my screen, damn you internet.

Whether I’ll go for any cut, I am magnetized with the cropped style that I happily see everywhere, it’s easy and chic with flats, perfect for summer time.

So for votes, Straight or cigarette legs for me!? What do you prefer anyway?

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