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Bracing Standards

You probably already know that I wear braces, right? Hmm, for how long now? a year and… a month? two? the thing with adult braces is, despite of the pain and your inability to eat and don’t look like crap on a date –chances are zero to look chic eating anything actually! you’ll always look like a child who started to learn how to eat if you’re eating something like sandwiches for example (cause you can’t bite as a normal woman), adding to that all the stuff that going inside your metals if you choose anything else, ew. Really gross to even think about, so, just don’t eat, I’ll have a glass of water thank you very much!

So the orthodontist lied to me when he said that I’d wear it for just a year, and I see myself on the road of a year and a half with teeth so far from aligned and perfect and all what I think of is, What the hell that I’ve got myself into…

Okay let’s be honest, I really wanted to do that, I was so excited and I really didn’t care about anything other than the fact that I’ll have perfect good looking healthy teeth. In the eyes of my friends, some of my friends loves my look more with braces, some hates it and ask me more that I already ask my orthodontist when I’m gonna take it of! (I can’t wait really), but between you and me, I really feel that I’m so effing cool, braces at 24! hell yea! who does that anyway! I’m one of the few and I love it!

I think because that I’ve found my comfort in the thought, lots of people really forget about it when I laugh out loud, I laugh really hard and loud and most of the people have no problem with it, some don’t even recognize that I have a mouth full of metals at the beginning, like really! C’mon! and what really makes me happy that some of the cool fashion brands that I love approaches to the imperfection and to the paradoxes of beauty, it’s increasing everyday, models on the runways with braces, check, covers, check, (only I want to see more imperfect of that, but the idea is already spreading there, so provocative and eyes opening, not only with braces but all the different aspects of the beauty standards.

And that’s great for adults who refuses to do braces, even if they really want to see themselves in a better smile, they’re afraid of that something called other people’s reactions, but the case is not like that, it has more directions and digging into your self and adjust your ego into that matter (damn you ego!), it’s just like finding your own brand new style, like you’ve just got yourself a new semi-permanent tattoo on your face and you’ll try to find your comfort around it, it’s one of the very defined accessorizes that I have on my face, like a nose earring for some, you have to know your new face, and play with it until you find what goes best for you, and if you’re willing enough to take that all in your mind, that would go easy for you, even if there’s some hard aching times that you really wants to forget all about it and take it off for yourself, because of the pressure and the pain not that much of the look, okay maybe I miss my clear teeth too…

All I keep saying to myself that’s my teeth’s life now, just grow some beard and suck it all up, it’s really great to make such a decision and greater to see beauty on your own standards.

Have you ever broke some of the beauty standards just for the hell of your own perspective?

Forgive my -not that clean- teeth, my stupid self was having some biscuits during the shooting. See what I mean!

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