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DIY Miu Miu Slides!

It’s not just another DIY, it’s DIY fur slides, you know, just like the MIU MIU one…

Let me tell you how the story of this whole DIY Miu Miu slides began. When I was scrolling down Gilda Ambrosio IG to investigate her style considerably, I couldn’t help but pause on a particular image, perfect contrast is popping out from it as my eyes was turning into two huge shining pearls, that I felt full rush got me back to the last fall collection and instantly remember it—A Miu Miu perfect pair of embellished faux shearling slides.

Other than the fact that I know that it can’t be for every day or everyone, in fact, some still -in this fast fashion world- would find it hilarious to wear a shoe that either fur or slide to begin with, as I’m respecting that but I can not follow, I find both factors are on top of my list to grab my attention to wear one! And since I’m more honest with myself these days, I can Not afford Miu Miu, period, and amazingly dedicated to playing the DIY game! I couldn’t really think of anything else other that DIY it—only furrier, bigger version of it, think Céline or No.21 slides!

PLUSSSS that didn’t even hit the stores yet. OHHH YES.

miu miu

It’s not the fastest DIY but since when you want to begin a DIY to quickly finish it!? The whole idea is about fun and damn you’ll get lots of it, my lady! Ah, and comfort. The matter of fact is… You never knew comfort until you slide some fur in your feet.

I wanted this DIY to be practical as possible like I don’t want my fur to sweep the streets, and I want the slides to last all summer and look COOOL, you know, me cool. For that, I chose a bigger sole and more hairy fur for it, you can choose whatever you want it’s your slide anyway so slide awaayyyyy.

diy miu miu slides

What You’ll Need To DIY Fur Slides is:

Are you ready for this!! No, I mean Are you READY to dedicate your time, power to gain fun and a look-like Miu Miu embellished faux shearling slides on the side! Who’s not seriously!? Psst… it only cost around $20 pucks! Shhh I didn’t … shhh….

  1. A pair of slides: I got a fake Adidas pair for 5$.
  2. 1/2 meter of fur: The meters depends on your shoe size and the slide you’ll get (I’m 39). get the slides first then measure it to buy the fur you’ll need. I got a pink shade to go well with my everyday style—jeans obvs. The fur hair is much longer than the original fur of Miu Miu, though if you found a short hair fur get it because it’ll make the pearls pop out more. Costs 2.5$.
  3.  Scissors.
  4. Super glue. 1$.
  5. Needle and thread (strong thread preferable).
  6. 10g of dark blue metallic beads. 1$.
  7. Pearls: six to five sizes of pearls: Choose it from the biggest you’ll find or take the picture with you, then go smaller in diameter. Costs 10$

—Sizes & pcs of pearls:

  • 2pcs of 30mm-32mm. 2 per slide in a center, If you couldn’t find it, go with 26mm instead, what I did.
  • 4pcs of 26mm. 2 between each center big pearl (the 30mm).
  • 4pcs of 24mm. That will go after the above from the both sides.
  • 4 pcs of 22mm. Like above, the last one from both ends.
  • 16pcs of 10mm. Will go between the big two lines of each slide with the smaller size (6mm).
  • 65pcs of 6mm. For the small lines in every pair, and the small line between the large line.

Look, If you can’t find all the sizes, which happened with me, don’t let that stop you, I took the best of what I got, you only need different pearls’ sizes to make it.

Ps: There’s a frame under each pearl on the Miu Miu version, I couldn’t find that either, so If you find it feel free to add it as well.


Before you begin, put the fur on the face of your slides and look at it, If you think the slides are too wide with the fur, cut the face a bit, if you manage to find smaller face buy it instead, however, I like the Adidas version because the sole is hard and have a 2 cm hight that I’ll need to not sweep the floor with other than no hight at all.

diy miu miu slides

Before you start, measure your sole and face and see the best way to cut your fur without loosing any. This depends on the size of your feet and the face of the slide (mine was 26.5*9cm for sole, 30*7cm for face).

The best method to follow here is to cut the tip of the fur with the scissors and continue by ruler and hands like you’re cutting a paper—that way you’ll not lose any hair during the cutting and will look natural not cut off. Learn from my trails and errors.

Mark the center of two face sections. Measure vertically (mine is 7cm), point the center then do the same horizontally, now you’ve a starting center point. For the vertical measures, mark 5 equal points.

Above the center point (which will be the center line that contains the 2 sizes of small pearls) you’ll have 2 lines and same underneath it, all equally pointed. For the horizontal measures, mark 7 equal points.

All the points that you’ll have horizontally to bead the pearls on is:

  • 12 points on the first line: will bead the 10 mm pearls on it.
  • 7 points on the 2nd: the big pearls, from left, you’ll start with 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 30mm (center), 26mm, 24mm, ending with 22mm again.
  • The center line is the 3rd line: 7 points and will bead the 10mm and 12 mm one and one.
  • The 4th Again with big pearls like above (2nd line).
  • The 5th line like the 1st line.

I started with the 2nd line (big pearls), Insert the needle and thread into the fur from the back of it, then insert the pearl (the biggest one), put one bead, then insert the thread again into the pearl then the fur! Got it! Easy.

Repeat on the line and go smaller with pearls from each side. Then repeat again in the 4th line. It should look like the above image.

Now for the equal pearls lines (1st and 5th) it’s easy to do after you have everything marked previously. Finish with the 3th line (between big pearls lines, go one 10mm and one 12 mm until you finish). 

Now glue the fur pads for the sole and pearls faces. If you think the fur has some excess, cut it off and leave it behind for finishing work.

Glue the excess fur you just got from the sole on the sole hight, camouflage it with little of glue and fur hair excess.

Cut the hair short on the sole height in a random way so it doesn’t sweep the streets, it’ll look like a lot of hair but it doesn’t actually touch the floor, et Voilà! Perrrrfeeect and FUN! Did you like it, did you like ha ha ha!!!? This is how to DIY fur slides like MIU MIU pair, if you want other DIY’s hit the DIY button in the tags and If you’ve any questions regarding this DIY, hit me in the comment section!

diy miu miu slides


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