How do you Edit Instagram Pictures!?

It’s been an obsessive habit to me recently to concentrate more about the colors and scene frame I want my IG story, although it looks so effortless to see a good solid account, the constant stream of a good IG flow is really hard work.

I wasn’t playing with any edits or filters but what I already have on Instagram actually! Now after I investigated a little, the best I got are two apps that I liked that most, VSCO and A Color Story.

VSCO has great packs and I chose to invest play with the pack I liked the most, The Legacy Collection, and thinking about buying the Alchemy Collections as well.

For A Color Story, I was blown away by the curves edits and Effects! I never saw that before, that took the mobile editing game to the next level for me, I still didn’t purchase any of the packs but I’m in between, Chroma, Organic and Boho. Have you tried it yet!?

It seems so difficult to concentrate only on one filter though, my Instagram page now is messy and I’m literally playing with different filters on different opacity till I find myself on only one or two. I want to deliver an image that is bright but deep, dreamy sometimes, rich with refined tones will be my everyday basic.

After all, the essential things you think about here is your how you want to deliver your message/ content, what’s it feels like? happy, fresh, bright, boho, deep or dark. And Who are you expecting on the other side? what you send out there is particularly related with the receiver you hope to meet intellectually, spiritually, mentally or whatever you want to be on the other side.

How do you edit Instagram pictures? Do you use any particular app? And What is the message you want to send?


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