Shopping on a budget

First Step Towards Summer: Shopping on a Budget

We all dream of summer, I’m going crazy for a good hell of a sunny day that I can say in “It’s really hot today, I can’t stand it!!” I’m thinking of it and how I’d wear every piece that I have and what I need to complete my wardrobe for the upcoming lighter me. I need summer and most of all, beach, like the other day my friend sent me this live picture of the VERY BLUE NOT EDITED SEA, and I died dreaming of wearing colors contrasting with this blue. breakfankbgjdjf - 1Jealous? Me too. I’m going coco about wanting a summer so bad and dreaming of pineapples prints, light dresses, colors, Gucci colors who isn’t Gucci and a pile of shoe which isn’t round shaped. And lots lemons, I want to feel the freshness of an iced lemon mixer after a thirsty moment! But most of all a dreamy light wardrobe that is on a budget but still feel like a king in it, I mean A queen! Like I’m thinking over and over about these items as my strong kick to summer! forget about that denim Marni dress that you’ve been trying to get since the first love sight on the runway and think happy stressless summer that’s ahead of you with items that could define your summer as a successful time to show who you really are without spending every penny on one item, after all, some of the choices are sustainable and still on budget somehow and as always, we can always go for a bite of vintage.

But now let me tell you about my summer shopping on a budget list would be like:

A simple slip dress, worn with a white shirt is my go to everyday look.

Actually any dress from reformation with any flats I guarantee that it’ll look cool Af, I mean did you see the Manon dress in Tazetta!!!? I’d kill for this one! leaving hair on its condition, freeing the natural curls… Imagining that?

As for the heavy days I’d need a big bag like this mustard tote with cord details and a tropical scarf that will leave you only wanting to make lemons on the beach.

Add to that my feet look for every breeze these days, I’d love to have a party ALL DAY LONG on my feet, that’s why I want this, ohh that would be great (french accent), I have a real thing for mules, I mean the breaded yellow pair is just yummy!!! let just share the love and buy it TOGETHER babe.

When I want to go for the Hermés look-like slippers but on budget, the contrast brown leather pair that is still just getting the same air but not the same exact look, and much cheaper but looks expensive in the same time, oh yea I’d go for that!

For Maryam Nassir Zadih on budget heels but more pointy OR Mansur Gavriel on budget mule (or is it Maryam’s as well!), Ohhh oh and if you want to go for Aquazzura suede fringed sandals you could go for that one, but I won’t recommend it as it looks SO obviously copied as it’s the cheaper little version who’s try to aspire to the original look but it failed you know and I don’t like that feeling, but do whatever you want!

Why do I feel that ankle skirts length is the new pants at summer but I can’t find the proper one anyway, however thinking about this on, any suggestion would be a timesaver. I mean do you feel yourself wearing pants this summer? Definitely jeans… maybe light printed pairs like this from Zara and this from Reformation??

I’d go for pants under skirts. Ok, That would be another time.

Ok I’ve another theory for pants, I’ve to consider that there’s some pants that looks like this one and dancing in a particular pair would be heaven! Anything pompom and tassel-llyyy is a song to my ears this summer, I’ll write a song about that, goes like that pompom tassel tassel shaklalaLALA…???

The pineapple palm earrings that got me like; I’d be your favorite pair this summer and I’ll church you forever. I nod with popping eyes.

There’s pineapples everywhere and I can’t complain.

A bomber glossy jacket, in military green from TopShop and a rosé from Zara with the same light rose color going for pleated skirt—NOW I need one— and couldn’t match it better with red, oh yes, I can use that.

Ok as we speaking, It’s raining here.

Listen, this will go with the mood, for the summer that is not coming yet, let us dream, see you in another hope of summer day. Together we stand….

Images: Reformation and Zara collaged by moi.


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