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Your Local Getaway: Mehitab —Royal Symptoms

It’s Your Local Getaway time! Simply it’s about your local getaway that could be only few miles away from your homeeeee!!! That you love/would love to do and would be the perfect weekend for you—how’d you capture your weekend! But maybe for some reason you fell a sleep and get in your laziness black hole! Every weekend will have someone new and you’ll get to know everyone’s special love about their local getaway and how they take advantage of the weekend to spend it RIGHT!

Name: Mehitab.

Age: 23.

Job Title: Graduated from Med. school which was OHMY moments! Now she’s doing some degrees stuff that I acknowledge nothing about and will work at London afterwards, ok, I know that there’s something related to optics and other stuff… and she’s my sister people!!!!! She’s my reference when I need to know anything about England history or East Asia culture, I’m the proud older sister here, I’m gonna cry I’ll stop now.

So tell us about your perfect weekend!?

At Friday Night: Because it’s finally the weekend! I’d go shopping with my sister (that’s mmmeeeeeH, ok over to her again), and between her mocking my taste in clothes and me trying many hats we end up buying nothing, however I love to buy cactus and on my weekend I always
look for unique shapes, give them names and call them my friends.

Saturday Morning: I love the sea, so my perfect weekends would be when I’m traveling abroad to my dad’s working city Jeddah, KSA, and there’s a sea there, I love walking by the sea having my chocolate mocha and just enjoying the view of it all, including the fisher men who really don’t fish anything but small fishes. Though on my city I love to go to the Nile every weekend.
Saturday Afternoon: Since I’m still imagining that I’m in Jeddah right now, I’d continue the perfect day by going to the fish market and enjoy a meal of white meat fish, grilled crabs and prawns. After that I’d watch a Japanese kabuki play and then search the entire internet for some kabuki illustrations I can draw and start sketching.

Saturday Night: When I suppose to be partying, I just crawl and watch one of my favorite movies with some hot chocolate like the King’s Speech or Inglorious Bustard— I find it hilarious I have no idea why! Or I’d watch Sherlock Holmes back to back seasons you kidding!!!

Sunday Morning: Ok anyone who know me knows how much I love baked goods, especially doughnuts and croissant so at 7AM I go to my favorite bakery which is so far from home but it defiantly worth the ride!

Sunday Afternoon: I love to discover historic old places in my city— Cairo, Egypt. I’d go to an old neighborhood or the museum, kinda makes you feel calm.Your Local getaways-fashion paradoxes photosSunday Night: I’d like someday to travel the world and try different cuisines and since I adore East Asia countries specially Japan and Korea, I always love to take my dinner at this lovely Korean restaurant called Hana, love their bibimbap and the kimchi is to die for. Before going to sleep I read a book on light lights, I extend the reading time on weekends.

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