I’m the laziest person when it comes to my hair, I don’t even trim it any more, yea, it’s like a phase of depression, when all other girls have new cuts in that time, I grow my beard, in that matter my hair.

But even before that I had one particular style that i make everyday, which is really difficult, I mean really. It’s -flip it over one side hair style- which says all the time -I’m so cool and i need one eye to see and while my hand sweep it, you all will imagine it in a slow mo and dream of me-

The only thing you need for that style, is your attitude (or that’s what you need for every style anyway), your head and hand and if you really have flat hair, you can use sprays or salt spray or or! you can air brush it on one side, hot on the roots and once you’re done, flip it on the other side, the hair won’t take it and will give you the volume that you need. see, very difficult.

I’ve tried to be a bangs girl and desperately still thinking about it, even if I did it and turned out so bad, I don’t know why I’ve that much hope, but logically speaking, it’s not for me or my curly hair. To be a centered part girl before, but it’s just not me, omg I have an Instagram picture with that style that I want to delete but i don’t care that much really, it’s a reminder that I’m not that girl at all.

So after the experiences, I can proudly say that I’m a flip over kinda girl. For now.

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