I’m the last person to talk about Instagram, I love it but I’m not addict, I post sometimes five photos a day and one every 5 days which it’s not ideal if you want your blog to reach whatever you want, I mean I’m so pathetic Instagrammer for many reasons, such as:

My friends

Imaginary friends from editors, bloggers, photographers, illustrators, designers and cool models that I believe they are truly my friends! I follow and know every single one of them, I enter there beautiful life’s and even if they know that I’m not even there someday they will! Or that’s what I think, like hey Gilda from Grazia!, hey Passant let me follow you on Insta! okay Hun. I’m already following, you’ll find me under fashion paradoxes… see, easy fun convo between two friends that will happen one day. All right. Hashtag why not?

The likes

I really don’t wanna even know how someone is having 2817393826 like on an image of a pair of shoes that I already put on my page the day before with the same position and got 15 likes and one comment. Hashtag so nerve-racking.

The followers

One question: Am I a normal person to get approximately between 15 to 25 likes on one image or I’m lower than the normal which is you’d have 3782838483 likes in one minute? Still can’t get it! maybe i don’t have the best profile picture, and maybe that my images aren’t good enough too, but I’m so working on that.
When Instagram sent me a message that they will cut my spam accounts from my followers and I’ll notice some changing in the number, I had no worries, like pffff I already have 560 followers that they love my work already, cut the singular two and get done with it. After the cutting I had and have now 226 followers. Which is something I don’t really talk about that much. Hashtag I shed a tear that night.
Like the millions of people out their like and follow some shitty copy images pages and not my original/ authentic one, but who am I to judge, eh.

The Hashtags

I use really good amount of hashtags which I hate, so so much, then I delete it, you know those people, they put all the hashtags out there even if it’s not related to the image? Yea I hate them too, I’m one of them because I’m a desperate Instagrammer and I don’t have any other way. Plus I refuse to make likes for someone to follow, omg that’s much worst in my opinion. Hashtags f*ck off I’m so embarrassed already.

The Search

Specially in hashtags, specially in Egypt’s hashtags, more specially in Egypt’s street style oh my god. They made me hate the day that I discovered it, or any one of them discovered it and made it, and the crazy more furious thing is that they have a 2838839484k followers! When I like to punish myself through Instagram I search Egypt’s fashion, it’s not like I’m judging anyone (I am little bit) but I just don’t see the sense of style there, and everyone have different style so in that matter I hate what I see there. (Though when I walk the streets I see more great sense of style, if I searched well).
Hashtag died already and refreshed with my beautiful friends on my home feed, ohh hey Linda Tol! Dutch’s blog pages are THE best.

The selfies

Outfits or face selfies, I don’t do it much often, maybe that’s why I don’t have that much followers, I’m not against it but it’s out of my mind you know, I try to post more outfit selfies because I like it so much when I see it. Hashtag I’m trying again, and will stop thinking about the whole thing and the followers will come just naturally.
I know that instagram is a hard work itself if you wanna reach that insanly number of followers, and no one woke up one day with 28494k followers but if they buy them, so I have to pay more attention to it if I wanna make it, and by that I mean, i don’t care about the numbers as much as reach more people to know about what I do here and there, share thoughts and inspire each others, be a fun and intellectual fashion, style and lifestyle community that you want to start your day with, not for the sake of how much likes can one get on a lame image, but for that sake of a thought, and the different versions of art to share/express with others through images. Which can say what words can’t sometimes.

How about you? what’s your Instagram life looks like?



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