I Need a Vacay!

Hello Everybody! I’m here again, after spending some quality time with my family, not to mention that my new job is taking a lot all of my time, I return home everyday and all I can think about is, my blog and how I can’t open my eyes to open my laptop, and my bed, every time, sleep wins #lazybitch.

After all of that time not checking my blog and not writing (I know that I’m not that good but!), I started to be more aggressive about everything —count the smallest things that happens during the day, I couldn’t listen to anything, I just wake up, go to work, shout at everyone, get really tired, can’t stand myself, eat like a pig, go back to sleep. so I discovered something from all of that, I got away from my life, my imaginary life, my life that I love to live, that relaxing things that I do everyday to make me survive, like checking what I love every morning at the internet (yes I couldn’t do that) sharing what I love with the world, even meeting my friends at night, (also couldn’t, and when it happens and meet my best friend once every two weeks, the outing would be on my car, whining about my shit life and go home), I couldn’t find the balance in that job, and I found myself lost, after all of that, all I could think about is… Vacation.

And whats better than a vacation with family and friends, the more, the merrier! We went to Sharm El-Shiekh, I didn’t care, all I wanted was the smell of the sea, the view and the sunset, I knew that will make me think correctly and find the balance again, and yea indeed it did, going from everyday working outfits to nearly didn’t wear any clothes, brings joy to my heart hahaha, and that outfit is one of what I wore, yes culottes and cropped tee! yeaaa that feeling of easy life again, even if it’s for a few days, it made the different, and made me think about a lot of stuff clearly, and the most important thing that I realized, that job was suffocating me.

I’m not a quitter person, I know myself when I put my mind on a thing, happened a lot, got what I want, and will happen again. I left that job yesterday, wasn’t right for me, but I’ll get on another job tomorrow, and I’m more relaxed than ever, because these difficulties are what forms us at the end, So… bring it on bitch.


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