You can not strip me from the architect I used to be. It’s in the way I see everything, without my studies, I don’t believe that I’ve could visual any of the things in fashion/ life the way I visualize it today.

That said, I don’t know why I don’t share some of my admiring buildings/ architects here, and talk about it!!! Do you think I should!? I’ll take your silent as a yes. (Seriously, should I??) I already posted some banoffee so I don’t think posting another kind of art will hurt, right!

So for that matter, I wanna highlight the art of that specific building — The Arab world institute- in Paris by Jean Nouvel.

It’s so amazing makes me wanna die, I looovvee how Jean Nouvel use the light in his buildings, it’s all about light and shadows, the geometric metallic shapes that looks like the mashrabias (an Arabic old pattern that was used on the old buildings, and the Islamic star which gives it here the oriental touch) and those shapes when reflects the light, gives a new dimension to the space, like a new volume, still so cool, minimalism and contemporary in a very great way.


I can’t wait to see how Jean Nouvel’s upcoming building (The Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi) which will open its doors this year will look like, it’s so promising from what I see already.

So What do you think of his work?


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