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20 Modern Entryway Ideas You Can Create Right Now

One of the goals from entrance hall decoration is to swoon our guests when they first step into our home. The front entryway reflects the rest of your place. Placing an elegant decor like a statement frame, a chic console, and a minimal mirror are all ways to elevate your foyer. Whether you have a small entryway or just here for some modern hall ideas, I have got you covered. Here are some modern entryway ideas that will welcome your visitors with a great first impression.

General tips for designing your front entryway

Amber Interior

Think of the space as a whole and as individual corners to style. Flooring, ceiling, and walls should be considered when you brainstorm entryway ideas and how you will decorate your foyer. 

When it comes to statement pieces, think imperfect materials 

Architectural Digest

Raw wood consoles will elongate your entryway and style the foyer in a modern way. Great for farmhouse rustic, boho and modern vibes. Add a big mirror in the center of the wall with frames on the sides for symmetrical feel.

Decorate with leather 


Leather is a durable and versatile material that adds warmth to your space. If you’re willing to go with this material, choose chairs or a bench and add soft fixtures to play paradoxically in softening the space.

Go for clean lines 


This example works best for small entryways. The clean lines of this entry table make it visually bigger and easy to decorate and style. 

Add a statement light-fixture 

Daley Home Design

An entrance hall features a playful light fixture open the hallway and present it larger. Consider a chandelier or a metal ceiling fixture. 

Show off your art

Studiom Int

Want to show your favorite piece of art for maximum impact? Your entry hall is a perfect place to exhibit the extra-large art pieces.

Consider wallpaper

Desire to inspire

 Maximize a limited space with unique bench and wallpaper. Add frame up to the ceiling to complement the wallpaper and add hight.

Opt for a seating area

Entryway ideas

An entryway seating area is always a wise idea for family members and guests to wait for company. A small couch, chairs, ottoman, or bench are all options to consider.

One statement chair is enough


If you’re going with a small seating area piece, then think about how it would look with the console. If you’re going with a couch, make it the statement piece and ditch the console.

Think rugs

Choose durable rugs for your entryway. Better if it has a Persian, or Moroccan style. It adds personality and a modern touch. If your entry space has dark tones, choose a rug with pop colors to warm up a minimal modern space.

Create an entryway from nothing

If you have what they call a nonexistence entryway, design one with furniture. A couch or two chairs and a rug can create a visual transition and an illusion of an existing front entryway.

Go with two frames instead of one

Architectural Digest

Choose a pair of large art works to hang on the walls like these Robert Motherwell pair to assert a modern edge to the foyer. Layer it with a round table like this Christian Astuguevieille table to create a grand entrance.

Think about floor tiles

Architectural Digest

If you’re renovating your place, think about black and white floor tiles, concrete tiles, or marble. It adds a timeless touch and doesn’t need to be covered.

Go for front entry mirrors 

Lulu and Georgia

Choose between vintage mirrors, circular mirror, or go for large frames if you have a glass panels door. It opens up space and double the natural light. Add your favorite collection, light fixtures around it, a colorful rug, and you’re all set.

Decorate with sculptures

Architectural Digest

A wall-mounted stylish sculpture never fails to make a statement in small entryways. Decorate with minimal floating shelves for a striking effect.

Create a gallery

Pufik homes

Add a contemporary touch by creating a black and white art gallery. This will bring life to a silent wall.

Opt for a visual balance

Studio Mcgee

Style your objects in symmetry way on your console table to create a harmonious entryway.

Create a chic entry with the negative space

It’s one of the most challenging entryway ideas, yet the most rewarding. The negative space under the stairs can be transformed into one of the most spectacular Entry hall. A couch or a round wood table with the right decoration will bring the perfect balance to a full white space.

Utilize your entryway 

Think about pieces with storage like adding baskets to hold your mittens and blankets. 

Go for tall greenery 

Designer Drains

People feel calmer when they are greeted with greenery in the front entryway. Think about tall greenery. It expands the space and adds life and height to your entry foyer. 

The best small hallways decoration advice?

Circa Lighting

Concentrate on the space as whole in creating a perfect entryway. If you have a small entryway, think about bell lanterns, doors colors, rugs to elevate the space. A small but mighty pot placed is what you might need for a great small entrance decoration.

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