Layered necklaces

It’s not about DIY as much as it’s… an idea maybe! or something i came up with because I’ve all the stuff so it just came up! i looove layering necklaces so much..the more you layer the more gooder it gets (gooder!) cooler maybe, anyway its simply some chains (I’ve gold, silver, black in gold and pink gold) pick any length, color, size you want, some cool toys, lobster claw clasps and some jump rings and start put everything together!


The only thing that you will do is put the jump ring (small one) in the toy and before you close it put bigger one in it to put the chain in it, and the chain with 2 jump rings in every side (one small and bigger one to attach the lobster claw on it, and the other side one small and big one to hook the lobster claw onto) and voila!


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