Midlife Crisis!

I’m having a midlife crisis.

Yes I’m 23 years old and having a midlife crisis (no not stressors, I Wikipedia it) how that happened, let’s just rewind the last 30 mins. of my life shall we?

It’s freezing in Egypt (it’s 4 celsius now), yea I don’t know how you guys live in -1 and 0 degree weather cause seriously this is more than enough for me to wear my layers and be happy

I was at this cafe’ to attend a lovely celebration made by my friends for me, yaaaaay, (cause I was off town for a week or so), and after taking a lot of beautiful ugly pictures of me and my hair (you can see it here, at photos of me), talking a lot about my hair in the cafe’ aaaand in the comment on InstAgram, they were telling me that I don’t take my hair seriously.. meaning, don’t appreciate what i have in my hand, like they kept telling me about Jessa from Girls and how she take her hair every episode do they got very upset because I have the same length, maybe even heavier kinda hair and I just do it in a… bun.

Hear me out I’m not finished here,

so when I get back home, taking my makeup mask off, (yea I’m starting to take a really good care of my skin now, cause it’s miserable , awful, very bad now, anyway, what I noticed is something I would’ve done much worst reaction if isn’t for this weather, it was a lot and crazy and couldn’t believe my own eye when i discover it, it was… white hair…

No, I noticed one or two before and said I’ve gray hair now, but this was unbelievably a lot, it was like something spread all over the my head, even a blind guy will notice that, so it was like 10 brown hairs to one white hair, not goood and I love to have all white hair when I get old but not now! not today! that’s not all..

Every gray or white hair was broken, shorter and frizzier, I panicked, I start thinking about dying my hair (and that’s something I don’t wanna do everrr #thinknatural), because I have all kind of different shades in my hair and I don’t wanna lose that, ad seems like I have a new different one now ha!
Even if i said it before! I was just kidding like ohh guyss I’m gonna pixie my hair! did i did that?, did I got a crazy haircut or shaved half of my head?! No! (you see how much I loved to underestimate my hair and not appreciate what i have, yes i’m that bad) now it’s all hitting back, very hard

My world start falling on my head, I couldn’t think about anything other than the years that passed by while I was doing just a… bun! really Passant a Bun! and not a sexy bun, just a bun, when you had all this crazy colorful hair and all you could do was a F*in’ bun!

I even start thinking about how I’m gonna travel to Paris one day with this hair, like I was picturing all the thing! me, sitting on a table with lovely people and all they can do is just telling me (have you ever consider bleaching?!, your still young… )

I didn’t know what to do, can I scream the shit outta me?! okay stress will make it worst, okay calm down it’s just hair, it’s just hair, and your hair has a brown shades so it’s not that obvious, right, breath… No it’s here, all there, start panicking again, and here i’m, didn’t fulfill my dreams, didn’t take my hair seriously and treat it like suppose to, all falling apart, that is definitely my mid life crisis.

So seriously what should I do now, I think it’s genetic but C’mon i’m just 23 ahhhhhh (Thanks DAD!)
have you ever felt that about anything? for me it’s about my career and now, my hair..
From now on… No buns again. Embrace what you’ve got!

  1. I know right!! I think I'll start make the action if I couldn't control anymore, but for this moment, let's just chill, thanks anyway ;))

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