A Scent

New thing! I’m looking for my “scent”.

I’ve been thinking about that lets say.. probably 2 weeks ago, it doesn’t matter when, all it matters that I know! and I want now.. my scent.

Since -I don’t know when exactly- maybe little child or that time when Givenchy created that perfume called Organza, I grew with this scent, my mom never wore anything else, even if she tried different perfumes from Chanel to Carolina Herrera, she always go back to her basics and it’s organza, So this is what i was wearing too when i’m a teenager, a little strong but, like mom like daughter eh, but i wanted to discover something else, so I tried Nina by Nina Ricci, then I switched to Prada candy (Do you know those girls that buy’s a fragrance just because they loved the ad. so much?!) yea aha… but that’s not the point, I mean, I could go blind for anything if it’s Prada!

But now I don’t want any perfumes (it don’t have to be), I want a scent, like if you ever met me even for one time, and a year after that, you walked the streets and just smelled something in the air, and i just popped in your head! oh Passant! ohhh yeaaaa i want that!

I don’t want that kind of strong scents like a girl that comes by you in the elevator and you lose your mind because she finished her bottle of fragrance this morning to smell like that, no i want my skin to smells really good, fresh and natural, I don’t care if it’s a lotion, oil, body cream, a water scent, a spray thing, anything! and i want that scent that only me can smell!, okay maybe if someone kissed me too! i want unrecognizable scent too, like when you smell it, you’ll say, hmmm you smell nice, what kind of perfume do you wear?!

For me, there’s a lot more than just a perfume smell, there’s my body, my hair and my face scents, if you sum all of the things you put on yourself everyday, (and yes it all have to smell good, uh for god sake, my foundation have an amazing smell!), so yea, i think there’s a lot of good smells we put on everyday and that’s what makes your smell smells like you and only you in the end of the day, i love coconut for my hair, and coconut, cocoa butter and vanilla for my body and nutty scents drives me crazy! but only perfume smell that will last longer and all of the other scents combine with it…
I think there’s a lot to do here! not just a perfume thing, The search has begun!

So what are you wearing most of the time? like this is your one and only scent and you’ll never gonna change it!
Ps: just Google Organza by Givenchy and it was launched in 1996, that when I was 6 years old!! seriously?! uhh I’m so old!


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