Oh… Dries

It’s Paris babyy!!!!! Oh yea ahaaa ahhaaa aha.. hahaha, Even when my laptop at the sickest phase, I’m still in love with the whole thing. So “Mind”, How are you? I love you, and I love Paris too, and you live in Paris anyway so just let me tell you something… this week,  I’ll feed you like never before, let me introduce you to the Dries world…

Mind: Hey bitch, I missed you bitching around! Are you ready for Paris?

Self: No, but I’m ready for Dries.

dries-van-noten-ss-2015-fashion-paradoxes dries-van-noten-ss-2015-fashion-paradoxes-1

Mind: I couldn’t believe ME When i saw it yesterday, it took me to a world I really wanted to see  for a while now, the colorful very vibrant prints world, I missed that, I miss seeing colors on the streets…

Self: No mind, we said we’ll talk about that later, I hate it too, but let’s just concentrate on what we have here.

Mind: No seriously, cause when I see prints like this and how they’re so put together in such a harmony, I instantly go mad of the unflattering dull streets, you have to do a post about that.

Self: I will. Did you see the degrade in the colors? or the platforms, or or the flowers pixels print!!

Mind: He took advantage of the chiffon and organza and knew how to play with it, like flowers over flowers, but not in the same line, so you actually see more shades of flowers when your far and when you get close it makes perfect sense. He puts lines over prints, pinstripes, lines vertically and horizontally, rich patterns together with the last. He’s one of the few people who know exactly the art of layering with patterns, and he makes it so much easy on the eyes like you just intern a world of no boundaries and no mistakes when it comes to layering with the touch of the muscularity that didn’t lost the femininity in it, but just make it stronger. And more cool. Very cool actually.

dries-van-noten-ss-2015-fashion-paradoxes-2 dries-van-noten-ss-2015-fashion-paradoxes-3

As the girls flow on their hippie cool looks, it was like I’m going from day to night, celebrating life on earth, as the sunset comes with the degrade of it’s colors, the pink skies and the flowers comes with it, then the late night with all the dark shades of ground and nature. Still you can feel it’s the perfect time to party and get lost in the wide sky, the stars, the galaxies, and the shades of the blue in the sky and the sea when the moon light hits the water.

She a girl who doesn’t know what normcore is, cause what’s more normal than earth vibrant colors and inspirations? She’s taking advantage of everything she gets her hands on, she never closeS her eyes anticipating what she’s gonna see next.

Self: Thank you that was really transforming experience. Still I’m questioning something, How many prints can I put Now in one look?

Mind: Shut up.

dries-van-noten-ss-2015-fashion-paradoxes-4 dries-van-noten-ss-2015-fashion-paradoxes-5 dries-van-noten-ss-2015-fashion-paradoxes-6 dries-van-noten-ss-2015-fashion-paradoxes-7

Images via NowFashion.com


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